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Mammoet introduces Project Elevate

Heavy lifting and transport company, Mammoet has launched a new program, in the aim of cultivating a stronger, smarter and safer future.

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Mammoet’s new program, called Project Elevate, will play a key role in the future of energy and infrastructure by addressing the needs of faster decision making ­– a need created by the dynamic nature of markets.

Project Elevate will help Mammoet deploy its equipment and target its expertise strategically. The new program aims to do this by operating smarter, becoming more efficient, agile and quicker in decision making.

The new program will create a structure whereby, two business units will be created. The two units will be responsible for large projects and crane rental, respectively, ultimately to achieve greater focus on customer needs.

Jan Kleijn, the Chief Operating Officer of Mammoet, will oversee the global project work and will lead the new business unit to help drive Project Elevate. The crane rental services business unit will be led by Wouter van Noort, who is Mammoet’s current Regional Director for Europe.

The involvement of Klejin and van Noort will bolster the continuity of service for Mammoet’s customers and will shorten communication lines between business units to quickly respond to customer needs.

Alongside Project Elevate, Mammoet is actively strengthening its procurement, strategic, sustainability, engineering and commercial areas.

Mammoet continues to focus on innovation, by including zero emission equipment, risk-reducing test solutions and introducing the SK6000; the world’s strongest and largest land-based crane.

As Mammoet has a large concentration of engineered heavy lifting expertise and equipment, it is poised to play a key role in global energy transition with the introduction of Project Elevate.

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