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Making life easier with new updates

A1A Software recently added user-friendly feature updates as well as a telematics app to the iCraneTrax software package.

Two updates and the addition of a new telematics app to iCraneTrax, the fleet and personnel management software from A1A Software LLC, are designed to make life easier for fleet managers and project managers.

The new fleet map feature provides, at a glance, a visual overview of the key service items for your fleet. Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red icons are a progressive display of the service intervals for each unit.

In addition, with user permissions enabled, both Link-Belt and Manitowoc dealers can access the telematics interface to schedule maintenance intervals for their customers based on usage, a convenient option for fleet managers.

“With this feature, fleet managers at rental companies or dealers could set up maintenance schedules for internal teams or customers to remind them about upcoming service due items,” said Tawnia Weiss, A1A Software president.

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In addition, all documentation from iCraneTrax can now be saved as PDF files to provide cohesive document management related to employees, equipment, or customers. “Dispatch tickets and all other documentation connected to a specific project, can now be filed together in a convenient location,” said Weiss.

Weiss also announced the release of A1A Software’s first mobile device application for users of iCraneTrax, the company’s fleet management software with CRM, Dispatch, and GPS capabilities.

With the iTeleTrax app, customers can access six different information pages right from their Apple or Android mobile device. This makes it easier for operators, technicians or fleet managers to access critical information while on the go or at the job site.

The iTeleTrax app includes a fleet map overview of key service items, engine hour and maintenance notifications, DMI engine codes, fleet position for location tracking, and a summary page. Specific features and information displays vary depending on the OEM and telematics system used by your equipment. The app is available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Users log in with their iCraneTrax credentials.

“iTeleTrax app improves communication between job site personnel, dispatch, and service departments, increasing the opportunity for proactive maintenance,” said Weiss.

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