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Major announcements from Australian construction robot manufacturer

Western Australian robotic technology company Fastbrick Robotics recently announced the successful completion of Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST) for Hadrian X construction robot, which is the worlds first end-to-end bricklaying robot.

Proving the functionality of DST with the Hadrian X layhead is a major achievement in the program and has significantly de-risked the remainder of the Hadrian X testing and commissioning phase.

The aim of the DST test on the layhead was to prove that Hadrian X could place a block with precision despite movement in the boom caused by external environmental forces.

External environmental forces were simulated using ropes to cause movement in the boom. Despite the movement, the Hadrian X was able to pick up a block using the gripping mechanism on the layhead and then place it with precision, proving the functionality and adaptability of DST with Hadrian X on a range of other applications.

“Our success in this DST can not be understated, as well as being a milestone in the Hadrian X programme, it demonstrates that we can take the technology that we have developed for robotic bricklaying and implement it with a range of other applications,” said Mike Pivac, Fastbrick Robotics CEO.

“We have built on the initial learnings from the Hadrian 105 technology demonstrator and confirmed the DST works with the Hadrian X as we envisaged.”

The next step for the programme is to conduct further commissioning activities on the remaining modules including further DST testing with the maximum load of Hadrian optimised blocks, before commencing Factory Acceptance Testing, where the Hadrian X will build different structures in various configurations within a controlled factory environment.

In the second major announcement Pivac confirmed Fastbrick Robotics had entered into a global partnership with European block making giant Wienerberger AG to develop, manufacture and test blocks optimised for the Hadrian X construction robot, for introduction into global markets where Wienerberger is active.

These newly developed clay blocks will be tested in a pilot project in Europe and will be launched in Wienerberger markets together with Hadrian X upon successful completion.

“The Hadrian X is a technology that can revolutionise residential construction in many parts of the world,” Pivac said.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for FBR to align with Wienerberger, the world largest clay block manufacturer, to develop the building materials for our construction robots and to further scale out technology.

“This partnership will enable us to offer our customers unique clay block solutions tailored to their markets and also ensure a sustainable supply of blocks specifically manufactured for the Hadrian X.”

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