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Maintaining Membrey’s fleet

Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire place a major emphasis on maintenance and  nothing but the best lubricants are required.

Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire place a major emphasis on maintenance and  nothing but the best lubricants are required.

Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire has been in the business of transport and crane hire for over 50 years. Managing Director, Craig Membrey, took over the business from his father in 1989 and he has steadily built the business and the crane fleet ever since.

Membrey’s Operations Manager, Daniel Narkiewicz, told Cranes and Lifting that the business continues to have a strong focus on maintenance.

“I’ve been around cranes for over 19 years and with Membrey’s for that time. I’m responsible for the operations of the company and I answer to the boss on everything relating to the operations of the business including fleet allocation control, maintenance of the fleet, back and forth with the work shop, booking jobs and managing hire enquiries,” he said.

“We run 18 cranes with capacities varying from 2t-350t. We predominantly run Liebherr in the fleet and we have Frannas, Katos and right down to a small UNIC mini crawlers. The maintenance of the fleet is managed in house unless there is a major issue. Mitch is our full-time crane technician and he helps manage the maintenance of the cranes. I know he works closely with Imperial Oil Lubricants and uses a number of their crane specific Shuttle Boom Grease products.

“We’re using Imperial Oil’s Panolin Orcon TEF2 Boom Grease on pretty much all the cranes and it’s the number one go to as far as boom lubricant is concerned. It’s been an excellent product, it’s been performing really well, and it’s also a lot cheaper than going through the manufacturers for boom grease,” said Narkiewicz.

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Panolin Orcon TEF2 Boom Grease is a speciality lubricant for the lifting industry, specifically designed for telescoping boom cranes. Panolin Orcon TEF2 uses a synthetic thickener and contains PTFE (Teflon) to provide a long-lasting friction reducing lubricant for sliding surfaces. Less friction means longer wear pad life and much less boom chatter, allowing for safer crane operation.

Aside from boom grease, Membrey’s also use Lube-A-Boom crane products supplied exclusively Imperial Oil as the Australian distributor. These products cover various other important applications on all forms of cranes as follow;

Lube-A-Rope – is a thin wire rope and cable lubricant containing moly to provide maximum lubrication and protection. This product protects equipment against dust, dirt and water mitigation that can often increase friction and lead to failures. Lube-A-Rope wire and cable lubricant will not fly off – it clings and keeps working long after the initial application and importantly penetrates the core of the wire rope to prevent fatigue and extend the wire rope life.

Applications include chains, sprockets, cables, wire ropes, marine maintenance, industrial maintenance, drive chains, hoist chains and automotive maintenance.

Lube-A- Gear is an open gear lubricant made with high quality residual stock and extreme pressure additives. This formulation is diluted with a flammable solvent that evaporates rapidly. The residue that is left on the gear surface is a tacky film that will not harden or flake off even at low temperatures.

Lube-A-Boom Dry Film aerosol forms a thin quick drying fil that provides long wearing lubrication protection. It is ideal for high temperature applications where parts are exposed to continuous friction. The formulation contains extreme pressure additives for heavy duty applications which helps repel dust and contaminants and provides excellent adherence properties. As this product is a “dry film” it is ideal for use on extendable outriggers, smaller cranes with telescoping booms and aerial work platforms.

“The service from Imperial Oil is great. When we need products, we ring them, or we have a member of their team call in and see our people. They are very easy to deal with and have everything we need when it comes to crane lubricant maintenance,” said Narkiewicz.

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