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Maeda telescopic crawlers’ continued momentum

Maeda telescopic crawler cranes are distributed in Australia by Pace Cranes.

The Maeda brand is immediately recognised for its highly successful range of ‘spider cranes’. Michael Cawston, National Sales Manager at Pace Cranes, which is the National Distributor for Maeda, explains how popular Maeda Telescopic Crawler Cranes are becoming. 

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“We have four models in the line-up where we start at three tonne capacity moving through to five and six, finishing at eight tonne,” said Michael.

Maeda has been manufacturing Telescopic Crawlers for over 30 years and the strength of the undercarriage is characteristic of this type of crane. Over the years, Maeda has worked closely with construction equipment manufacturer Komatsu and the robust nature of the tracked undercarriage is testament to this  relationship. 

“They are well suited to really tight sites such as underground applications and working on the side of roads. They feature minimal tail swing when slewing, which makes them ideal for working underground, or in rail corridors where there is very little space to pick and move with a load. The robust design of the undercarriage means they can operate in rough conditions,” said Michael.

The Maeda crawler range starts with the CC423 3t capacity crane. It features a significant capacity of 2.93t at 1.5 metres and a maximum lift height of 9.46 m, which is impressive for a small crane. 

“Historically the most popular machine for us has been CC985 5t capacity machine. This seems to be the perfect mix of compact machine and capacity. It features a small footprint and large capacity to pick and carry. At 16.5m it features the highest lifting height in its class, and you can increase this reach to 18.7m by using Maeda’s Searcher Hook. The Searcher Hook enables the crane operator right up and under where you want to lift. You can literally be centimetres from the ceiling and still position the hook and complete the lift which really maximises the capabilities of these small machines,” said Michael.

The next crawler in the range is the CC1485, which Michael said takes the 985 to the next level. 

“It’s very compact and a similar size and design to the CC985, yet it’s capable of doubling the capacity through much of the lifting range,” he said. 

“It has a similar maximum boom height of 16.7m and we find that’s as much as you need on these smaller machines,” said Michael. 

“But with the stronger boom and heavier counterweight we can get pretty much double the capabilities of the smaller 5t machine.”


All new model CC Maeda models feature EU Stage V engines which are clean and very energy efficient. The cab is ergonomically designed with joystick control and features plenty of glass providing the operator with a good view of the site and the lift in hand. Cameras are also fitted to provide the operator with views of the crane’s operations that wouldn’t normally be seen, making the fully air-conditioned cab very popular with operators.

The CC1908 is the largest crane in the range, said Michael.

“Maeda identified a need for a higher capacity crane but keeping a compact footprint. The lifting capacities on the CC1908 are impressive, lifting 4t at 4.8m. This model comes with additional features including a hydraulic luffing and telescoping fly jib, which is unique to this model.

“It also has the optional Searcher Hook as does the rest of the range. Maeda recently fitted an optional sheave to the Searcher Hook which enables the operator to run that Searcher Hook in single fall,” said  Michael.

Pace Cranes has sold Maeda Telescopic Crawlers to a broad range of customers over the years.

 “The Maeda Telescopic Crawlers have proven popular in underground construction, the oil and gas industry, glass installation, tunnelling, roads construction and rail construction and maintenance,” said Michael. 

“Technicians from the Japanese factory are regular visitors to Pace Cranes providing updates and training for our service team and our service agents, we are well-supported by the manufacturer,’ he added 

“We are blessed with the product in terms of the reliability. Maeda manufacture an excellent product. We have a large stock of parts locally ensuring we always have the parts on hand – enabling us to provide the high levels of service and support our customers have come to expect,” he  said.

Maeda telescopic crawler cranes are distributed in Australia by Pace Cranes.
CC Series (L to R):
• CC423S 2.93t x 1.5m
• CC985S 4.9t x 2.1m
• CC1485S 6.0t x 2.6m
• CC1908S 8.1t x 2.8m
Image: Pace Cranes
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