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Lindores joins the Humma Club

Lindores Mobile Cranes recently took delivery of a Humma 35 Mk3 pick & carry. It was a memorable event as, after many years, it was the first occasion the Lindores had moved away from their traditional supplier.

Chantelle Lindores is the managing director of Lindores Mobile Cranes and she is very discerning when it comes to the selection of cranes for the company’s fleet. She explains more about the family’s heritage in cranes and the process she went through before purchasing the Humma.

The Lindores name has a long and rich heritage in the Queensland crane hire sector.

“My father Peter and his three brothers Greg, John and Edward had been in cranes for over 40 years. With my mother Colleen, Dad started Lindores Cranes and Rigging in 1985. They worked hard on building the business as did Dad’s brothers and then in 2000 they merged their businesses to form LCR Lindores Group. They went on to sell this business in 2008. So, you can see cranes are in my blood.

“In 2007 we brought Mini Cranes QLD and started trading as Queensland Mini Cranes Pty Ltd. This business name was changed to Lindores Mobile Cranes 2015. I am owner and Managing Director of the business, my parents are Directors of the company and my daughter is working in the office. The business started with mini cranes with capacities ranging from 2.8t to 4.8t. We had 15 machines and a tilt tray truck,” she said.

“In 2013 we purchased a 20t Franna pick and carry crane which is still in our fleet and going strong. In 2017 we purchased a 13t Kato city crane and this was a blessing in disguise, it’s an awesome little crane. In August 2018 we had the opportunity to purchase our 55t Liebherr all terrain from L&L Crane Hire. When Hanchards Crane Hire closed and after having a chat with Mike Hanchard, I bought a 25t Superlift Franna and also dry hired one, but we only had the dry hire unit a year,” said Lindores.

Since then, Lindores has purchased a second tilt tray Isuzu truck and has built the business to a stage where another machine was needed. She explains the background to the Humma pick and carry.

“The million dollar question is why did we purchase a Humma? I have been asked this question 100 times. Regardless of the negative opinions of some people in the industry, I did my research and conducted my due diligence before deciding to purchase a Humma.

“I was aware of the Humma pick and carry range but for no particular reason I have not had much to do with the brand until now. I only had my first discussion regarding Humma when Peter Dalla Riva, the operations director at DRA Group, and we spoke at the end of last year,” said Lindores.

Lindores relied on the feedback mentors in the industry and key members of her team who had been exposed to the Humma pick and carry range previously.

“Kenny Reibelt is a key member our operations team with over 40 years experience operating cranes. He is obviously an unpaid salesman for Humma, he loves the machine and its capabilities. When he worked for Hanchards, he drove a Humma 35 for nearly two years and he provided great feedback about the machine. His preference for the Humma range is well known and he is known to be an exceptional operator of the machine. I also spoke to Jimmy Coombes another valued team member, who has 20 years of experience across mobile and tower cranes. He was also very positive about the Humma.

“Obviously, I sort advice from Mum and Dad and also Mike Hanchard. I spoke to many people in the industry who I regard as mentors and I appreciate their advice. Whether or not I listen to it is another thing.  Dad had reservations but since seeing it and its capabilities, he is quietly impressed.

“I learned that those with negative opinions had very little to do with a Humma, never seen one let alone driven one, so my decision was based on the conversations with those who have experience with the brand. I also knew this was going to be the first Humma in Brisbane and it means something to have a unique crane in this market,” and it was the first time Lindores ventured away from the usual pick & carry crane supplier,” she said.

Lindores goes on to explain what she likes about the Humma pick and carry and how impressed she was with the approach from the Dalla Rivas and the DRA Group.

“When it comes to the Humma, I have a multitude of likes. It starts with the people who own the company and have designed the cranes. I have a lot of respect for the Dalla Rivas, who they are and what they do.

“Conversations with both Peters have covered their working lives, what they’ve done and what they’ve achieved. I was impressed at the way they went about their business and the passion they have for these cranes is obvious. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and I felt I wanted to be a part of it, their confidence in Humma is evident in offering a 2 year warranty and 15 years before the major inspection,” she said.

“I like the design of the Humma they look tough, robust and capable. They project strength to customers and I am in awe of how the Humma looks. Its lifting capacity and size are perfect for the type of crane it is,” said Lindores.

There were a number of reasons for purchasing the new Humma 35 says Lindores.

“Firstly, the Humma bridges a gap between our 25t Franna and 55t all terrain cranes.

Secondly it was a sensible purchase for our type of work which includes a lot of site work and lifts of larger machinery requiring a heavy lifter, but not always a bigger slew crane.

“Thirdly, I knew Kenny wasn’t going to stop going on about the brand until we got one and Mike Hanchard convinced me that I would never regret purchasing one. I also liked the fact that there aren’t many in Queensland and we now have a crane which helps us stand out from the rest,” she said.

Lindores elaborates on the relationship she is developing with the Dalla Rivas at DRA Group and how impressed she has been with the performance of the Humma.

“As I said earlier, I only started talking to Peter Snr late last year and have had many conversations about cranes and business in general. Both Peter’s are very transparent and have a way of making you feel a part of the family and a part of what they are achieving with the business with DRA celebrating fifty years of engineering, design and build and Humma also turns twenty five years this year. Our working relationship may have only just begun, but I believe we will be working with them for years to come.

“Before purchasing the Humma 35, I was invited by the Dalla Rivas to tour the DRA Group manufacturing facility in Western Australia. I was thoroughly impressed. Back in 1994, I experienced a less than impressive facility when I visited Linmac and so I was not expecting the level of professionalism and high quality presented by DRA Group,” said Lindores.

“It was amazing to see how well set out their facility is and the quality of machinery used to manufacture the Humma, particularly the automated robotic manufacturing cell they have recently installed – fabrication is all in-house with quality European componentry fitted. I came back and told everyone how good it was. From my short experience with the Humma 35, I would most definitely say yes to buying more.

“We took delivery of the crane in early May and we’ve had it on a number of jobs already. I’d rate it highly and our customers are impressed with the ease in which it completes jobs. For its lifting capabilities it is still relatively a small and compact pick and carry crane. We’ve already had one customer say he only wants the Humma from now on,” she said.

During her visit to the DRA Group, manufacturing facility she was given a demonstration of the capabilities of the 55T Humma by Peter Jnr the Groups Engineering Manager.

“I thought the 35T was impressive and from all the information I’d read about the 35t and the photos I’d seen, I thought it couldn’t get any better. Well, the 55T blew me away. It was so impressive, it is a large version of the 35T and maybe a future addition. I took photos and a video and I’ve raved about the size and the look of it ever since.

“The Humma 55 features the patented Autoleveller System technology developed by Peter Jnr. The system ensures the chassis is kept horizontal when the crane is operating on uneven surfaces of up to 5°, without having to reduce the cranes SWL, and making it a very safe crane to operate,” said Lindores.

“The Humma sounds and looks strong and professional all at the same time, but it was the lifting capabilities which were the deciding factor for me. The DRA facility is nothing short of fantastic and with the Dalla Rivas, you couldn’t ask for more down to earth and very accommodating people. They are also very accepting of dealing with a woman in business which is not always the case in the industry.

“I have an enormous amount of respect for the father and son team and the way they do business.  I look forward to having a long working relationship with them and the Humma brand. In my opinion, you can’t get any better than a genuine, Australian made and owned crane company,” she said.

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