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Limited Two Part Series opportunity published across Cranes and Renewables databases

Cranes in renewables

Cranes & Lifting and EcoGeneration are collaborating on an exclusive opportunity to showcase your crane business in respective upcoming editions with its Cranes in Renewables feature.

Ecogeneration is a leading voice in the renewables sector and a trusted source of news and information, including on the development and construction of wind and solar farms.

Syndicated coverage to both databases will shine a spotlight on the indispensable role cranes play in the construction and maintenance of these farms and explore the intricacies of delivering equipment to the site, including the use of specialised trailers.

If your crane business is looking to create a significant impact in renewable energy, this exclusive feature opportunity is perfect for your brand.

The offer includes the opportunity to have:

  • A full-page advertisement in the April edition of Cranes & Lifting and June/July edition of EcoGeneration
  • A unqiue editorial feature in each publication, highlighting your unique contribution to the wind and solar sector
  • Digital distribution through both publication’s e-newsletters, website and social media channels, amplifying your reach within the industry.

For further details on advertising and editorial opportunities within this exclusive feature, please contact:

Emily Schlegel

Cranes and Lifting, Business Development Manager

0466 317 555

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