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Lifting is everywhere

Let’s encourage everybody to open their eyes to the importance of lifting equipment, says Justin Boehm, Member Engagement Manager for Australia at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

I was out at a basketball game when, during a break in the action, I casually glanced up at the ceiling and the lifting equipment used on the court light rig immediately grabbed my attention. There is no escaping it: lifting equipment is everywhere. Those of us who work in the industry spot it wherever we go and, like a naturalist observing wildlife. It can happen anywhere, even when we find ourselves on holiday and instead of looking at the stunning vista, our gaze is averted to what kind of slings are being used by a crane on the neighbouring building site.

While we, in the industry, are aware of the omnipotence of lifting and how vital it is to the smooth running of everyday life, the general public, it is fair to say, generally isn’t. Changing that perception through celebrating the incredible role our industry already has and continues to play is one of the goals of Global Lifting Awareness Day – GLAD on 8 July, an industry scheme devised in partnership by LEEA, LHI magazine and Bridger Howes. Other goals are to attract our next generation of recruits into this incredible sector. While promoting the continued successes in the Lifting Industry, it is also vital that we highlight the ever-present battle by man, machine, systems and processes to overcome gravity and bad practice to achieve a safer industry.

We need policy makers to recognise and support the role we play across numerous key industries and in improving health and safety at work. We want to remind end users how important it is to use high quality suppliers who utilise experience and high-quality training, and who routinely develop innovative solutions.

We encourage everyone with an interest in the lifting industry to support #GLAD2021. We hope that on 8 July, social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook will be filled with content focused from across the world on what we have discussed above.

LEEA has produced a new video with the A-Z of what makes us ‘GLAD’! The video can be seen on our social media platforms in the run up to GLAD. From Awareness to Quality, from Knowledge to Gravity, this video gives a taster of how wide the industry is and how important we are. We also want this video to inspire companies and organisations to produce their own content for launch on the 8 July, to highlight and support the lifting industry.

Also on 8 July, we will be asking the question: what’s your story? How did you get into the industry? Maybe you never thought you would end up here, but it’s the best decision you made. A big aim for GLAD is to help bring in the next generation. Maybe your story will be the inspiration.

LEEA will also be running a 12-hour Zoom call filled with content for the day. There will also be time slots available for any content that LEEA members would like to share. Please contact for more information.


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