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Lifting cybersecurity defence

Konecranes enhances cybersecurity commitment with digital services ISO certification.

Konecranes has further enhanced its commitment to cybersecurity and the protection of its customer’s data through achieving ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management.

The globally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 certificate demonstrates a commitment to proactively manage the information security of Konecranes’ digital services and ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements. Konecranes is one of the first companies in the lifting equipment and service industry to certify its digital services provided to customers.

“During the past few years, we have seen rising awareness in the industry for cybersecurity get to a point where having an ISO 27001 certification on our Information Security Management System was a natural choice. Certification is a common language for communicating security management practices with our customers,” says Timo Harjunen, Vice President, Digital Platform Development, Konecranes.

“This achievement is important for our customers in many industries, but especially in Ports, Power and Automotive, where security is a critical requirement when choosing a supplier,” said Mr Harjunen.

The certification applies to the development and delivery of the customer portal, productivity-enhancing mobile applications and the TRUCONNECT® suite of remote service products and applications for all Konecranes customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals.

“A strong focus on customers and a commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Konecranes an industry leader. This is underpinned by investments in digitalization and technology, plus our work to make material flows more efficient with solutions that advance circularity and safety,” says Mr Harjunen


Konecranes’ customer portal,, provides quick and easy access to crane maintenance information, asset condition and usage data, and agreement details. The portal provides a transparent view of all maintenance activities, TRUCONNECT alerts, and even spend over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

TRUCONNECT is a suite of remote service products and applications to support maintenance operations and drive improvements in safety and productivity.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating data from control systems and sensors on a crane and provides alerts of certain anomalies. Remote Monitoring data is used in maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment failure.

TRUCONNECT data is accessible on the yourKONECRANES customer portal and includes:

  • Safety-related occurrences, such as brake service life, over-temperatures, attempted overloads and emergency stops
  • Pareto analysis of critical alerts and faults
  • Operating statistics, such as load spectrum, monitoring of hoist jogging, overloads, emergency stops, work cycles and running hours
  • Estimates of remaining Design Working Period (DWP) of selected components, such as the hoist, hoist brake, contactors and trolley.


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