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Lift of the month: Up and on the fly


The September/October issue of Cranes and Lifting (CAL) saw the successful launch of the Lift of the Month.

Designed to showcase innovative lifting solutions across all industries, the Lift of the Month is a free service and available to all members of The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

“The Lift of the Month will appear in each issue of the magazine providing the ideal platform for crane businesses to promote what they do best, and that’s provide safe and innovative lifting solutions.

“Every issue of the magazine covers the technology included in new cranes and this section is designed to illustrate what the cranes can do.

“It’s a free service. CICA members simply email a high-resolution image and brief details of the lift to me at brad.marshall@primecreative.com.au” said CAL business development manager, Brad Marshall.

Details should include:

1) Where:

2) Crane model:

3) Lifting capacity:

4) Boom length:

5) Details of the load: what, how heavy and lifted to what height/distance?

The initiative is also designed to promote the CICA Lift of the Year awards, says Marshall.

“CAL sponsors the Lift of the Year and we are working with CICA to ensure the industry is aware of the benefits entering next years’ awards. Together, we intend to attract multiple entries for each category making the awards super competitive. The advertisement promoting The Lift of Year provides the link to the application process,” he said.

For further information, contact Brad: brad.marshall@primecreative.com.au or 0403 993 443

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