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Liebherr unveils new technology and cranes

Liebherr has unveiled a number of new products and services, including new crane models and connected technologies.

The company has released its next generation of crawler cranes, the LR 1300 SX, which features increased operational safety and simplified handling. The crane has a lifting maximum of 300 tonnes and can be fitted with a derrick boom in combination with an additional counterweight for heavy loads.

It also features a new assistance system called the Boom Up-and-Down Aid, which indicated the approach to the tipping border and automatically stops operation before the operator unintentionally enters into an unsafe zone.

Wind sensors on the main boom and jib measure the wind speed and crane configuration to help calculate the current hazardous situations for the cranes.

Additionally, the company plans to unveil four new products from its Mobile Cranes Product Division in April, which feature high performance, economy and flexibility.

Two of the new cranes have been revealed at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany: the five-axle 230 tonne LTM 1230-5.1 mobile crane and the LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tonnes.

The two cranes that have not yet been revealed include an eight-axle mobile crane designed for maximum performance and a five-axle crane whose designers took into account improved economy and flexibility.

Liebherr has also unveiled its newest duty cycle crawler crane type, HS 8040 HD. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and is the smallest in the HS series, focusing on improved transportability.

New technologies have also been unveiled, including an interactive user interface (INTUSI). The INTUSI connects Liebherr construction machinery and material handlers to the Internet of Things to integrate various assistance systems and automated safety functions.

Some of these assistance systems include active rear person recognition and integrated tyre pressure monitoring systems to improve tyre lifetime.

Liebherr has also unveiled a new e-learning tool to assist crane training and assist in obtaining qualifications for mobile crane operators.

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