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Liebherr unveils new cranes at bauma 2019

Liebherr has announced a swathe of new releases at bauma 2019.

Among the releases is an update to its existing four-axle mobile construction crane, called the MK 88-4.1.

New elements included within the MK 88-4.1 include different load options to make the crane more economical and can be operated emission-free, using less power than its predecessor.

It maintains an 8000-kilogram maximum load capacity and maximum radius of 45 metres, with a load capacity of 2200 kilograms at the jib head.

The crane can be equipped with Liebherr’s Load Plus function to provide up to 10 per cent more lifting capacity, allowing it to work with heavier loads, even at a 15-degree inclination and at a 45-degree luffed position. This increases the maximum load capacity by up to 50 per cent when in a luffed position compared to its predecessor.

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Increased driver comfort was also considered as part of the design, with adjustable cabin height and larger windows.


Liebherr has also unveiled its expansion to its L1 series with it’s L1-32 hydraulic fast-erecting crane.

The L1-32 has a four-tonne load capacity, a maximum radius of 30 metres and can lift 1050 kilograms at the jib head. It has a standard hook height of 21.3 metres, which help make it suitable for the construction of detached and semi-detached properties and apartment blocks.

Liebherr has designed the crane with logistics in mind and have ensured the crane can be transported with only one vehicle, due to its low-speed axle and five tonnes basic ballast with an additional 10 tonne of ballast that can be transported by a three-axle towing-vehicle.

The company has also unveiled a new eight axle mobile crane called the LTM 1650-8.1. It is designed to be the successor of Liebherr’s best-selling crane, the LTM 1500-8.1.

MK 88-4.1
MK 88-4.1

The crane travels with an axle load of 12 tonnes including its 54-metre telescopic boom and front supports.

Set up time has been minimised with rear supports installed as a complete support box in a single hoist and connected using quick-release couplings.

Two telescopic boom lengths can be supplied with the crane, 54 metres or 80 metres.

An eight-cylinder diesel engine in the undercarriage which satisfies the stage V emissions directive provides the unit all the power it requires.

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