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Liebherr’s Christmas present to the crane market

A new Liebherr crane has been launched, the Liebherr LG 1800-1.0. Image: Liebherr

A new Liebherr crane has been announced, with the arrival of the newest addition to its lattice boom portfolio: the Liebherr LG 1800-1.0.

Announced in a press release late on December 19, the German company revealed the successor to its highly appraised LG 1750 – a crane that came in for high acclaim thanks to the design’s combination of the mobility of a mobile crane and the load capacity of a crawler crane.

The LG 1800-1.0 possesses a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tonnes and, akin to its crawler relative in the Liebherr range, the LR 1800-1.0, holds a main boom option of up to 180m long and a main-boom-plus-luffing-jib combination providing a maximum hook height of 208m. The crane features a chassis width of three metres and is capable of climbing up gradients of 25 per cent making the crane “ideal” for the wind industry, according to Liebherr. Further optimising the crane for the wind industry is the machine’s enhanced wind power boom systems that make it possible to work with a boom of 174m and an 18m long lattice type fixed jib at hub heights of 180m, as well as the wind speed load charts with different permissible wind speeds of up to 13.4m/s.

Liebherr’s LG 1800-1.0 has also been designed to facilitate easier transport. Labelling the crane as “suitable for all markets” worldwide, Liebherr says the nine-axle vehicle features an axle-load of ten tonnes with all four supports, meaning the crane is accessible to public roads. Additionally, transport of the mobile lattice-boom crane is possible with only two supports and a total weight of 70 tonnes, as well as completely without supports at around 50 tonnes. The crane comes with the latest in Liebherr technology too, such as V-Frame, VarioTray, ZF Traxon Torque transmission with EcoDrive, and the aforementioned WindSpeed Charts.

One of the major areas that the LG 1800-1.0 differs from the LG 1750 is that the folding beams on the new 800-tonne machine are not telescopic. The required support base of 13x13m is sufficient for the LG 1800-1.0 to achieve enormous load capacities with the derrick system and “very good” erectable lengths without the derrick system, according to the manufacturer.

The new Liebherr crane is set to be released to the market in the first half of 2024 under the motto “The legend grows”, as the company seeks to build on the success of the LG 1750.