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Liebherr mobile cranes star on in twelve-crane lift

12 Liebherr mobile cranes lift a new pipeline.

12 Liebherr mobile cranes have been deployed for a synchronised lift on a kilometre-long pipeline with a predefined curvature.

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The mobile cranes, ranging in maximum capacities from 90 tonnes to 400 tonnes, were deployed by Dutch crane operator, Boer B.V., in Delft, Netherlands, to lift the pipeline into the correct position for it to be installed in the ground. Project Manager, Harm van Dijk, said the kilometre-long pipeline could not be assembled on the ground, as it would have crossed over a motorway, hence the exceptional tandem-lift.

“To get the exact curvature, we form the arch with ten cranes; each of these cranes lifts 18 tonnes,” he said. “For this reason, we need machines with a capacity of 90-to-140 tonnes. On the other side of the motorway, we used a 300-tonne and a 400-tonne crane because of the large overhang.”

According to environmental manager, Richard Rijbroek, preparations for the project had been underway for three years prior to the lift to convert the district’s heating network to sustainable energy sources.

“We will use the residual heat from industry in the port of Rotterdam,” he said, “and from waste incineration plants to heat homes and businesses in South Holland.”


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