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Liebherr LR 1250.1 ‘unplugged’ wins ESTA Award

The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) Awards of Excellence 2021 are recognised as the leading award event for the European crane and heavy-lift industry.

During the online event, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH won the top award in the category “Innovation Manufacturer”. The LR 1250.1 unplugged – the world’s first battery-powered crawler crane was the award winning product.

Gerhard Frainer, sales director of Liebherr Werk Nenzing GmbH said during the awards ceremony.

“2020 particuarly has proved that one must be bold and experimental in order to break new ground. With our unplugged crane, we offer our customers an alternative drive design. As we have already seen with the LB 16 unplugged, the first battery-powered drilling rig, the strategy is a complete success.

“Strict requirements regarding the environmental sustainability in tenders for construction projects increase the demand for advanced technologies. We were in no doubt that we would extend the concept to further product ranges and succesfully establish ourselves there too. And we will continue to develop further unplugged models in the future, “ he said.

Although, the LR 1250.1 was only launched in December a model is already succesfully deployed on its first jobsite in Oslo. Further models in the unplugged series will go into operation in Great Britain in coming weeks.

Zero Emmission

The LR 1250.1 unplugged is driven by and electric motor with a power rating of 225 kW. There are no compromises regarding performance or availabiity of the unplugged crane when compared with the conventional version, and it has a maximum lifting capacity of 250t.

The blue accent in the colour composition, which lends the distinctive look to the unplugged series, symbolises the electric solution representing an advanced technology. The unplugged cranes achieve the best possible combination of operator benefit, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

“Thanks to “Zero Emission” the model is emission free and a has a very low noise level. That is a huge advantage in areas senstive to noise, and also for the people working on the jobsite. The crane can be recharged on a conventional jobsite electric supply (32A, 63 A) in 4.5 hours and optionally with 125 A in 2.25 hours. The capacity of the battery is designed for 4 hours lifting operation. In accordance with its name, the crane can be operated with or without a cable, hence the “unplugged”, thanks to the battery-electric drive design,” said Frainer.

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