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Liebherr launches LTM 1400-6.1

Liebherr LTM 1400-6.1 all-terrain mobile crane launched

Liebherr has launched the most powerful six axle crane on the market, the LTM 1400-6.1, at its customer festival in Ehingen.

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Revealed to a mammoth crowd of stakeholders, Liebherr showcased its latest crane that becomes the successor to the LTM 1350-6.1. On top of enhanced lifting capacities, the crane possesses a new Y-guying system that is able to be assembled in one lift onto the chassis where it is then pinned into place. The hydraulic coupling closes automatically when the boom is luffed down between the two Y-frames, with the electrical connection being established with one final movement rendering the Y-guying system ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, the LTM 1400-6.1 possesses the same 70m main telescopic as its 350-tonne predecessor; where it differs, however, is with its fixed and luffing lattice jib attachments. Liebherr has implemented a new fixed jib that, on top of being fixed at angles of 0 degrees through to 40 degrees, can extend the crane’s boom by up to 45.5m, with the luffing jib ranging from 14m to 80.5m in boom length extensions.

The LTM 1400-6.1 also features a new, more flexible VarioBallast system compared to its predecessor. According to Liebherr, the 140 tonnes of total ballast can now be set to a radius of 7.7m to achieve the maximum lifting capacity, with the radius capable of being reduced to 5.6m for confined spaces.

When it comes to roadability, Liebherr has designed the crane to fall under the axle load of 16.5 tonnes for construction sites while carrying 10 tonnes of counterweight, the Y-guying system, a three-line hook block, and telescopic boom. The crane also possesses a single-engine design with mechanical drive for the superstructure, resulting in better economy through its eight-cylinder diesel engine that holds 455kW/619hp and 3067 Nm of torque.

Liebherr has also showcased its updated ‘CraneFinder’ technology as well as the first LG 1800-1.0 at its Customer Festival.

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