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Liebherr floats on air with Porto Chibatão

Porto Chibatao officials stand in front of a Liebherr Barge Slewing crane.

Porto Chibatão has ordered four Liebherr Barge Slewing LBS800 cranes, becoming the first port in the world to feature them in their operations.

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Porto Chibatão is the largest private port in South America. Liebherr and Porto Chibatão have developed a working relationship that began approximately ten years ago when the first LBS 600 was delivered to Porto Chibatão to help build the port, with General Executive Director of Grupo Chibatão, Jhony Fidelis, saying the new barge slewing cranes tied in to the company’s pursuit of “innovative solutions” to improve “sustainability and performance”.

“These particular LBS 800 cranes from Liebherr are a perfect fit for our vision, as they offer high productivity and low emissions,” he said. “We are proud to work with Liebherr, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and fostering environmental responsibility”.

The four LBS 800 cranes were considered the perfect fit for the job for Porto Chibatão. The LBS 800 has a boom length of 66m that allows the cranes to access large freighters with a width that expands to 23 rows of containers. Capable of lifting up to 104 tonnes, the LBS 800 model can handle up to 35 containers per hour. It is supported by a 9.6m tower extension that provides crane operators with a better overview of the site and, based on the latest Liebherr mobile harbour crane design, the model also possesses an updated interior cabin and digital design to pave the way for partial automation.

As the largest private Port in South America, Porto Chibatão stretches across 1 millionand includes a floating pier that accommodates ships embarking and disembarking on long haul navigations globally. In recent times, Port Chibatão got the go ahead from Brazil’s port and waterways regulatory agency, Antaq, to begin the extension on their floating pier, expanding it from 710m to an impressive 1,026m. The project its estimated to cost 18.3 million Euro (AU$30.4 million), with the aim to give more room to process the continuously growing cargo volumes in the Manaus industrial park area in Northern Brazil.


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