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LIB expands production to meet demand

The LIB Group is now expanding production to meet industry demand following two and a half years of design, research, development and testing.

The Lift Inverter Bar (LIB) came about in response to frustration with productivity inefficiencies and safety concerns with the traditional manner of handling cable drums.

Inventor, designer and developer of the LIB Lloyd Roots said the demand comes as no surprise.

“Working in the mining and construction sectors for over 35 years has provided me with unique insights and practical experience as to the challenges the management and handling of cable drums faces,” he said

“Having conducted initial design and testing both in local facilities as well as out in the field, was an eye opener for me, as well as others who had limited understanding of what was possible by using the LIB.

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“Our on the ground research and development proved that using the LIB is set to drive major changes and will increase efficiencies, reduce damage and wastage while improving the safety of workers involved in cable drum logistics.”

LIB Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Young said market research identified an opportunity regarding the safe handling of cable drums.

“Analysis of the market showed that a major change needed to occur in the thinking and design of an alternative productivity and safety solution for handling cable drums,” Young said.

“Much of the current change in the sector has been driven by ITC and IOT investment, while little if anything has changed in the way cable drums are physically handled, where the traditional forklift, spreader bar and cables continue to be used. We’re about delivering a more productive workplace, while reducing the risks inherent with drum management with the LIB.

“The Lift Inverter Bar and associated components have the ability to deliver a different form of change for cable manufacturers, transport, logistics businesses and sectors who handle the likes of 6 and 12 tonne drums,” he said.

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