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LEEA urges global end-users to unite around Global Lifting Awareness Day

LEEA has announced the launch of GLAD2024.

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has urged companies across the world to unite in support of Global Lifting Awareness Day.

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Set to take place on July 18, Global Lifting Awareness Day is an event driven by LEEA whereby its members, manufacturers, and suppliers share material promoting safe and high quality load lifting across the world.

However, this year, LEEA has sent out a wider plea to the global lifting community, recognising the continued growth of the concept and realisation of its vision to eliminate accidents, injuries and fatalities, collectively rests in the hands of those using the lifting equipment.

“To take GLAD from an idea to a globally recognised movement required us to garner support from major stakeholders in our industry, many of which are LEEA members and long-time collaborators,” said CEO at LEEA, Ross Moloney.

“Empowered by their support, and that of fellow trade authorities, media, and a select group of users, we must now energise more people with lifting equipment in their hands and on their person, as well as those responsible for sourcing it.”


To reflect the synergy between end users and manufacturers, LEEA’s Global Lifting Awareness Day is already promoting two new slogans: ‘you need the lifting industry’ and ‘the lifting industry needs you’, with Moloney saying there were “kindred spirits” at both ends of the supply chain.

“The lifting industry needs equipment users to spread our message, central to which is that the safe application of our technologies and solutions is their lifeblood too,” he said.

“Where would construction be without cranes, or wind energy without height safety equipment, or wet logistics without all kinds of lifting gear? You Need the Lifting Industry; The Lifting Industry Needs You.”

LEEA’s Global Awareness Lifting Day is set to take place on July 18 through the social media hashtag #GLAD2024.

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