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Leading reporting tool for lifting and hoist firms has major upgrade

Asset management software firm CoreRFID has installed a major upgrade to its market leading reporting solution for the lifting and hoist industry.

The firm’s CheckedOK system now incorporates QR code technology, which allows a far higher level of data to be held than would normally be possible with conventional barcodes.

The QR codes can be read by a standard tablet or mobile phone and there is no need to purchase and install additional hardware.  Inspectors working on site are now able to simply scan the QR code attached to an asset and then automatically retrieve the certificate from the last inspection, providing them with instant access to historic information.

CheckedOK, which has been operating in the lifting industry for over 10 years, enables data inspectors inputted onsite to be automatically updated to a secure hosted database. Certification documents are immediately available for online viewing and download. It also assists authorised users meet industry regulations such as LOLER and PUWER.

CheckedOK is the market leading RFID inspection system for the cranes and lifting industries in the UK and Ireland. Since its launch in 2009, it has gone through a series of improvements to meet regulatory and operational changes facing clients. It has to date, generated reports and certification documents for over 100,000 firms its clients service.

CoreRFID technical director Munzi Ali says: ‘CheckedOK’s success is based on continually improving the efficiency and accuracy of reporting processes to help lifting firms to compete more effectively. The introduction of QR codes continues this guiding aim.”




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