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LCR Tadanos working in tandem

LCR recently deployed two heavy lift Tadano all terrains to assist in the construction of a precast bike way bridge in Brisbane.

These lifts are part of the Logan Motorway Enhancement Project involving upgrades to part of the Logan and Gateway Extensions, including improving key congestion hot spots and building a dedicated bicycle lane. The project includes this distinctive bridge spanning a total of 145m from abutment to abutment allowing pedestrians and cyclists to travel over the new eastbound service road linking to the Gateway Extension Motorway.

LCR worked with the client to perform these heavy lifts inside their strict traffic disruption window of 9 hours. This added another step to the complexity of the operation as each of the cranes were required to mobilise to the setup location, complete the lift and demobilise with in the tight timeframe.

The bridge lifts involved LCR’s Tadano AC350, 350t capacity crane and its Tadano AC500-2, 500t capacity crane.

The heaviest lift throughout the project was 129.4t. The lifting radius for AC350 was at 12m, with a 92t chart capacity and 142t of counterweight. The AC500-2 was at 16.8m with a 90.5t chart capacity and 180t of counterweight. The AC350 was working to 86.7% of its charts and the AC500 to within 89.4% which included the 20% dual lift factor.


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