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Largest all-terrain in the world completes first task

The largest capacity all-terrain crane in the world, XCMG’s XCA3000, has successfully completed its first assignment on a wind farm in Yingkou, China.
XCMG's XCA3000, the largest capacity all-terrain crane in the world, has successfully completed its first task on a wind farm.

Deployed at the Dashiqiao Xintai New Energy 200 MW wind energy facility, the XCA3000 was required to lift and install a 25-tonne, 95m-long wind turbine blade to a height of 107m. According to a press release from XCMG, the crane’s first successful deployment represents a “doubling” of “operational efficiency” for wind farm work, pointing to the machine’s capacity to install a wind turbine nacelle – weighing 135 tonnes and possessing a power output of 5MW – within a 30-minute operational window.

XCMG’s XCA3000 all-terrain crane features a 3000-tonne lifting capacity, making it “ideal” for installing wind turbines up to 10MW, according to the manufacturer. At a height of 160m, it can hoist 190 tonnes, setting a new record for the highest and heaviest lifting capacity among mobile cranes.

According to the press release, independent research into XCMG’s over-1000-tonne capacity cranes has resulted in the XCA3000 featuring enhanced flexible boom technology, addressing issues such as reduced lifting performance at high altitudes and limited space beneath the turbine lifting hooks. The “improvement” achieves a 20-30 per cent reduction in the time needed to install a wind turbine. Additionally, the crane possesses the ability to transport heavy components such as the main arm and legs weighing up to 317 tonnes, which – coupled with its gradeability of 20 per cent – enhances its effectiveness in heavy-load transfer.

News of the XCA3000’s feat comes after the Chinese manufacturer recently released a series of all-terrain cranes designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate, as well as the world’s largest hybrid all-terrain crane.


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