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KITO’s quality depends on the people

KITO Chief Quality Officer Tsuneo Yuzurihara

KITO PWB places as much emphasis on the quality people behind the product as it does on the product itself.

For 95 years, KITO PWB has been delivering custom lifting solutions to the most complex of projects. With an uncompromising commitment to product development, quality and support, KITO PWB understands the people behind the products are as important as the products themselves.

KITO chief quality officer Tsuneo Yuzurihara and Andrew Lepan, KITO PWB managing director share their thoughts about “KITO Quality”.

“For 87 years, quality has been the top priority at KITO as we play our part in proudly presenting Japanese manufacturing to the world. Our founder Miyoshi Kito was a born workman, striving to go beyond helping customers solve specific problems. He explored ways to realise the ideals of any given product, making it more compact, lighter, and easier to operate and better in myriad ways. His uncompromising product evaluations and continuing improvement earned for KITO products the highest evaluations in our industry and are without doubt the foundation of the KITO quality we maintain until today”, Tsuneo Yuzurihara said.

“At KITO, we conduct many kinds of testing, including durability, to determine the unexplored limits of product performance. This is not just to assure our quality standards, but to ensure a safe and secure workplace for every customer at the same time. Rather than think about sales and profit first, KITO reaches out to customers to hear their voices, process that intelligence and work to fulfil it. This attitude has been highly evaluated by our customers in various industries, building confidence in KITO products”, Yuzurihara added.

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“Quality depends on the people involved in production, and I believe it derives from their integrity and diligence,” Tsuneo Yuzurihara KITO group managing director, chief quality officer, said.

Within KITO manufacturing processes it’s important to create systems to assure quality. With much thought and research, and through many trials, the KITO Manufacturing Technology Department is building production mechanisms to prevent defects. Above all else, however, quality depends on the people involved in production, and Yuzurihara believes it derives from integrity and diligence. He commented that, “When we believe that our hearts and minds create quality, in our design and production processes, in our inspections and the setting of quality standards, quality flows naturally. As the understanding of KITO quality deepens across the Group, it changes the thoughts and actions of every employee, and operations in every office and plant will go more smoothly, so that we will be able to provide the KITO-guaranteed-products and service to our customers around the world.”

Joining the Group in 2016, KITO PWB also takes on KITO spirit values seriously and looking into the future with high consciousness of responsibility toward its employees, users and society.

Andrew Lepan, managing director, KITO PWB, explained, “It is our responsibility to produce strong quality management program to ensure our staff and users are working safely and confidently. In order to reduce the risk of non-conformance products, purchasing KITO products ensures that strict environmental protection policies have been followed during the manufacturing process. It also helps to reduce energy consumption used to transport products from overseas, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions, making it a win-win for everybody.”

“KITO PWB are proud to provide local skills, local resource and labours (including diversity) that are 100 per cent made here in Australia and in return we know that our customers are getting the very best products available and the comfort that we are working towards also taking responsibility for our precious environment”, Lepan said.

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