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KITO PWB transforms manufacturers painting process

New Zealand’s largest electrical transformer manufacturer, Etel, recently installed a conveying and lifting system featuring remote controlled KITO electric hoists and trolley units.

New Zealand’s largest electrical transformer manufacturer, Etel, recently installed a conveying and lifting system featuring remote controlled KITO electric hoists and trolley units.

Etel is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of distribution transformers supplying to customers throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The hoisting provision and commissioning part of the project was delivered by Bridon Cookes, KITO PWB’s distributor and the largest lifting specialist in New Zealand. The challenge was to deliver a turnkey solution to minimise effort and maximise production. The final design included three carousel runway beam assemblies assembled next to each other, each running through a respective spray booth painting/baking/curing stage. A railway and cart system was configured to effectively link the carousels together so that loads could be interchanged.

Rob Smit, Applications Engineer, Bridon Cookes, managed the complete hoisting package and commissioning of the project.

“Each carousel runway beam system features seven KITO Electric Hoists and Trolley units with each unit operating independently by remote, with the function to have unison operations. The carousels were designed to have suspended tunnels as such so that the hoist and trolleys could travel within and be protected from the spray booths overspray and the heat of the ovens.

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“All up, it was a great project and a very effective, quality solution for the client,” Smit tells Cranes and Lifting.

KITO PWB supplied 21 KITO 2t ER2 Electric Chain Hoists close coupled to 21 KITO 2t MR2 electric motorised trolleys.

The hoists required radio remotes to be fitted to allow the operators to operate the hoists remotely. This would normally in the KITO PWB hoist assembly shop in Melbourne. However, due to the expedient nature of the project, Bridon Cookes organised a contractor to finalise this element of the project at their facility in Auckland.

KITO electric hoists are of high quality and reliability. KITO is the only manufacturer in the world who nickel-plates its load chains, which guarantees low wear and high strength. In addition, the load chain is protected against corrosion. The electric chain hoists use optional frequency converters for gently lifting or lowering the loads. This allows precise positioning of the components, especially during assembly. Among all this, the carbon friction clutch protects against overload.

KITO’s Motorized Trolley Series MR2 is designed to be user-friendly and highly efficient even under the harshest conditions. Wherever loads need to be lifted and transported safely and precisely, the KITO MR2 Motorized Trolley Series is an ideal choice. In combination with the ER2 Electric Chain Hoist Series, KITO offers the perfect symbiosis for all sorts of lifting and travel applications.

The KITO MR2 trolleys are easily attached to a wide range of beam flange sizes (flat-flanged or tapered beams) up to a beam width of 300 mm. For more information customers are advised to contact customer service support. In addition, the MR2 Trolleys Series offer as standard equipment sealed protection of the trolley (IP55) which contributes towards the utilisation of the hoist, also under harsh outside conditions.

Andrew Betts, Export and Marketing Executive, KITO PWB, explained that KITO’s motorised trolleys are available from 125kg to 5t capacity so that customers can choose the capacity that meets their specific needs with higher capacities that are available on request. The MR2 is available with single traversing speed and contactor control or with dual traversing speed by means of a frequency inverter. The product variant with the frequency inverter is suited for handling sensitive loads as it provides for particularly smooth start and stop movements.

The MR2 trolleys feature an extremely durable and reliable pull-rotor motor brake for a higher precision load control, deceleration and a long service life. A heavy-duty motor with high-horsepower, cooling fins and standard thermal motor protection provide top performance and enhanced efficiency of the hoist.

“Different kinds of energy supply systems like for instance the KITO cable hanger or the C-rail festoon system are available on request and therefore provide protection to the power supply festooning system. Furthermore, the side guide rollers are supported by four ball bearings which smooths trolley motion and reduces wear of the wheels and beam,” said Betts.

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