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Keeping pace with electric pick and carries

Pace Cranes recently announced the arrival of new models from the Valla range of electric pick and carry cranes.

Michael Cawston, national sales manager provides background to the relationship with Valla and more details about the new products.

“Pace Cranes has a long relationship with Valla which dates back several decades. Valla has been designing, engineering and manufacturing this unique range of pick and carry cranes for close to 50 years.

“The Valla pick and carry is a niche product, and over the years we have sold units into the petroleum sector with Shell and BP and we have also had success in the aviation sector with Qantas. This reflects the type of applications they are working in around the world. Being all battery electric, Vallas are ideal for maintenance applications and workshops where exhaust emissions are an issue and diesel powered cranes can’t operate,” he said.

“The 25E is an interesting machine. It is popular around the world being used in application like curtain walls, façade work and typical pick and carry applications. The Valla range of products is extensive, and it includes a number of larger model pick and carry machines with capacities in the 20t plus range. Although the local pick and carry market is very competitive, we feel there is room for larger capacity, electric and battery powered models,” said Cawston.

In recent years, Valla has focused on the development of battery electric machines and the recently launched V series, which includes the popular V80, 8t capacity model, highlights the new style of machine.

Cawston speaks more about the range of Valla models available through Pace Cranes.

“The V series is fully remote controlled. You can get up close enough to the machine but remain at a distance to ensure the lift can be conducted safely. Being remote controlled has helped to make the Valla range increasingly compact as there is no need to consider the operator in the design,” said Cawston.

“We are offering the full range of Valla cranes. These start at the 18E, a 1.8t capacity machine and also include the 25E which has a 2.5t capacity. The two are very similar in look, but with different capacities. We have units of the 25E in stock. These capacity machines have probably been Valla’s best sellers over the years.

Valla recently launched the V range which includes the V80 which has a capacity of 8 tonnes and Pace Cranes will have units of this model arriving shortly. The V range includes larger models including the V110 and Valla will be launching the V21, a 21t capacity model will be launched down the track. These are all fully electric models. Valla also offer diesel engines and also hybrids but Pace Cranes see the most potential in the battery electric range.

“You can fit a fork attachment to some of these larger machines and in certain applications this configuration they could replace a forklift. Valla’s feature a much smaller footprint as there is no requirement for a seat and you don’t have a large diesel or LPG engine sitting on the machine. We see the V80 being a popular model and we have units of this in stock as well,” said Cawston.

Vallas are ideal for tunnelling applications where fuel emissions are an issue. Around the globe, they are utilised as support vehicles in the maintenance sector for industries like aviation and in the manufacturing sector, including food processing plants.

“The Valla pick and carry feature a strong jib which makes them ideal for getting into tight areas and lifting to a decent capacity for the size of the machine. They are ideal for plant shutdowns and planned maintenance programs. They are extremely manoeuvrable, and the V Series has extendable wheelbases which enables the machine to get into extremely tight corners and then increase the lifting capacity by extending the wheelbase,” said Cawston.

Valla is very popular in the major crane markets of the world and being an Italian product, there is a large population in Europe. In 2013 it was acquired by Manitex, a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions including boom truck and rough terrain cranes, rough terrain forklifts in North America.

Manitex Valla recently announced it has added another model to its new range of battery powered pick & carry cranes with the introduction of the compact 3.6 tonne V36R.

Joining the eight tonne V80R and 11t V110R launched in 2020, the new V36R features a three section boom and can handle 800kg at its maximum height of 7.5 metres and 500kg at its maximum radius of 4.75 metres. An optional hydraulic swingaway extension provides a tip height of 8.6 metres with a 450kg capacity and a maximum radius of just over six metres with a 250kg capacity.

Power comes from an 80 volt/300Ah battery pack, while features include remote controls, 180 degree rear steering, front wheel drive, electro-hydraulic brakes, removable counterweight and a 2.15 metre turning radius. Unlike the V80R and V11R however the V36R has a fixed length chassis – with no need to extend the counterweight rearwards.

Weighing 3,650kg, it has an overall width of 900mm, an overall height of 1.56 metres and an overall length of 2.46 metres to the front chassis, or just over three metres from counterweight to boom nose. The compact dimensions make it ideal for work in tight spaces.

The V series is only available as a remote-controlled machine which has led to a more compact and manoeuvrable model. The older models featured a cab for the operator or controls on the back of the machine to steer it around, which limited the scope of works for the machine.

“The new V210R is a 21t capacity machine which means the range is now getting up there in terms of capacities and with them being all electric, we now in a position to service the right all electric option to the industry sectors we are targeting with this range.

“The V210R is a larger machine, 4 meters long and 2 meters wide but they are capable of moving large pieces of machinery around without any concerns relating to emissions,” said Cawston.

Valla’s have different applications to the mini crawler cranes and will fit well in certain niches in the market says Cawston.

“We have been receiving a number of hire enquiries for the smaller Vallas which is the reason we are bringing in some models from the new range. It will help to be able to demonstrate to customers their flexibility and manoeuvrability,” he said.

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