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JLG launches new ‘Access your World’ virtual experience

JLG has released an industry-first virtual experience initiative, to help demonstrate the company’s broad range of products and support services to existing and prospective customers in a more engaging way.

Known as ‘Access your World’, the on-demand platform provides a customer-focused virtual experience that allows visitors to intimately explore and consume information covering JLG’s products, services and technologies.

The experience includes access to several virtual job sites that feature JLG® products in use across multiple applications and stages of construction, providing equipment owners and end-users with the opportunity to explore the model ranges in working situations.

Other features of the platform include detailed virtual walk-around videos, downloadable product information and apps, and access to 3D hydraulic schematics. Additionally, Access your World can also be used to order parts, sign up for training, schedule meetings and to ask questions of JLG experts, providing a healthy mix of virtual and ‘person-to-person’ interaction.

JLG Marketing and Product Manager (Australia and New Zealand), Arron Cooper, said the Access your World concept was developed to better meet changing customer habits which eventuated during COVID-19.

“We’ve witnessed considerable change in the way customers interact and engage with brands over the last 12 to 18 months,” Arron said.

“Travel restrictions and lockdowns have seen customers increasingly turn to digital means to source information and research, prompting JLG to consider new ways of doing things.”

Arron said that Access your World was not designed to replace JLG’s existing on-line experience, but to complement it.

“Access your World is about providing customers with alternative ways of gathering information and engaging with us,” he said.

“It delivers a more holistic customer experience, giving visitors to the website greater choice on when and how they gather information. It can also be used as a platform to highlight new product releases, providing certainty should in-person events and exhibitions be affected by future restrictions.

“While similar technologies has been used in other industries, this initiative is a first for the lift equipment sector, further cementing JLG’s position as a leader and pioneer in this field.”

Access your World will continue to evolve in coming months with additional job sites and content in planning, to further enhance the visitor experience.

To register and enter JLG’s Access your World, please visit:

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