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Jaso launches new tower crane model

Jaso Tower Cranes launches its newest tower crane model, the J638PA, to markets all across the world.

Tower crane manufacturer, Jaso tower cranes, has launched its latest machine, the J638PA luffing jib tower crane model.

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Announced earlier in the year, the J638PA is being made available to markets in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

The J638PA possesses a maximum jib length of 65m, providing construction teams with greater flexibility and access to heights. Furthermore, the crane possesses a maximum lifting capacity of 32 tonnes and is capable of lifting 7.2 tonnes at its full reach, with the machine being engineered to handle the most demanding projects with “ease”, according to the manufacturer.

The tower crane possesses reeving options of DP/2R, while also holding hook mechanisms that can be powered by 110kW or 132kW. According to the manufacturer, the crane features a spacious cabin, safety pack, the capacity to personalise operations, a comprehensive diagnostics system, eco mode, high power motors, climbing and elevator solutions, and Jaso’s ‘Optimus Line’ technology.

“Equipped with JASO Optimus Line technology, the J638PA Luffing Crane represents a leap forward in crane design and functionality,” said a press release from Jaso. “This advanced technology ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and safety, making it an indispensable asset for construction projects of all scales.”

“Developed in collaboration with our partners, the J638PA is the result of shared expertise and a collective commitment to overcoming challenges,” it continued. “Addressing technical, commercial, construction, logistical, safety and environmental considerations, this crane stands as a versatile, sustainable and technologically advanced solution.”

Jaso’s tower cranes are supplied by Titan Cranes in Australia.

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