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Jac Van de Vegt purchases two Tadano AC 4.100L-1 mobile cranes

Dutch company Jac Van de Vegt has purchased two new Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all-terrain mobile cranes.

Dutch haulage and lifting firm Jac van de Vegt has taken delivery of two new Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all-terrain mobile cranes.

The Dutch company’s latest acquisition underlines its commitment to the Tadano brand, possessing nothing but Tadano machines in its telescopic crane fleet with capacities ranging from 40 tonnes through to 150 tonnes. Delivered in person by Tadano’s Netherlands Sales Manager Richard Beenen, the two directors of the IJsselmuiden firm – Jac and Wim Van de Vegt – were on hand to receive the two new machines, with Beenen highlighting the symbiotic relationship Tadano enjoys with Jac Van de Vegt thanks to the haulage firm’s transport solutions provided to the crane manufacturer.

“Vegt is one of our longest-standing and most loyal customers in the Netherlands,” he said. “So, it’s always a great pleasure to meet them in person – especially when the occasion is the delivery of a new crane.”

The Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all-terrain mobile crane boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, which it can lift at a radius of 2.5m. Featuring a main boom length of 59.4m, the machine possesses a maximum tip height of 84m after jib extensions and a maximum working radius of 54m.

The four axle, 100-tonne capacity machine is powered by an EU Stage V Mercedes Benz engine that can travel at a maximum travelling speed of 85 kilometres per hour. The crane possesses compact dimensions, showcasing a width of just 2.55m and offering a 12-tonne axle load level, making the machine most suited to indoor projects or dense urban environments.


Working mainly in construction, the Tadano AC 4.100L-1 cranes purchased by Jac Van de Vegt were labelled as ideal cranes for taxi crane operations according to the two directors.

“The crane offers truly outstanding lifting capacities, even within the confines of its 12-tonne axle load limit,” they said in a joint statement. “That makes it an extremely cost-effective taxi crane.”

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