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Introducing SANY’s 250t capacity telescopic crawler

With the strongest lifting capacity and the longest boom in its class, the Sany SCC2500TB is an extremely versatile crane ideally suited for working in industry sectors such as construction and infrastructure, mining and resources, as well as energy and renewables.

The SANY SCC2500TB’s 75.4m boom is made of high-strength steel structure with a U-shaped section area. It features seven sections with the basic boom at 14.4m and the maximum boom length at 75.4m. The boom has full power with a single cylinder and plug for telescoping. The fixed jib measures 43m in length and can be installed at angles including 0°, 15° and 30°. 

Safe operation is at the heart of the control systems for the SCC2500TB and this includes the Smart Integrated Load Moment Indicator (LMI). 

The Integrated LMI System is provided as standard, offering high safety, efficiency, and calibration of the crane’s control. Based on lifting mechanics mode, the LMI computing system enables precision loading and the protection of loading operations. If an overload situation occurs an alarm system alerts the operator. 

The LMI system can automatically detect the suspended load weight, the working radius of the crane, and the angle of boom, and compare rated load weight with the actual load. Under normal operating conditions, the system makes intelligent decisions and will automatically cut off the crane’s actions if they are over extending the crane’s capabilities. It also features a black box function to record overload information.

The load indicator light has three colours: green, yellow and red, and the real time load status is presented on the display. When the load is less than 90 per cent of the rated load, the green light will be on. When the load is greater than 90 per cent and but less than 100 per cent, the yellow light will be on, the alarm light flashes, and the system emits intermittent sirens. If the load reaches 100 per cent of rated load, the red light will be on, the alarm light flashes and it sends out continuous sirens. When the load reaches 102 per cent the system will automatically cut off the crane’s dangerous operation. 

Electrical Control System 

The SYIC-II integrated control system has been independently researched and developed by Sany. The system features a high level of integration and controls the power system to the crane, the engine system, the main control system, LMI, auxiliary system, and safety monitoring system. Data communication between the controller, display, and engine is conducted by CAN bus technology.

The SYIC-II integrated control system displays the engine rotating speed, fuel volume, engine oil pressure, servo pressure, wind speed, engine working time, load weight, boom angle, and other working parameters and working conditions. 

Cab, control and operator comfort

The ergonomically-designed Sany cab features the latest interfaces between the operator and the crane. The integrated 26.5cm touchscreen is programmable with ‘smart buttons’ to ensure the interaction between the operator and the machine are perfect.

The cab has been designed to offer as much full vision of the work site as possible. The finger-tip controls and buttons are designed to enable more comfortable operations. The cab is modelled with large areas of glass windows, and additional features include the beam headlamp and rear-view mirror. It is also installed with air conditioning and a radio. 

The armrest box features an operations handle and electrical switch. An emergency stop switch and ignition switch are installed on the left and right armrest boxes. The armrest box is designed to adjust with the operator’s seat.  

The operator’s seat is a suspension type multi-mode, multi-level regulated seat that is fitted with an unloading switch. The air conditioning system manages the cooling and heating of the cab’s air. 

Multiple cameras can be fixed to the crane, and in various positions to monitor, in real-time, the performance of the wire rope on each winch for example, as well as the conditions behind the counterweight and those surrounding the machine.

Safe operation is at the heart of the control systems for the SCC2500TB and this includes the Smart Integrated Load Moment Indicator (LMI).

The counterweights and trays ‘pile up’, which enables them to be easily self-assembled and self-disassembled. This facilitates greater ease of transport and quicker mobilsation and de-mobilisation. The rear counterweight weighs 60t and features self-assembly and self-disassembly functions. The carbody counterweight is fitted at the front and rear of the carbody and weighs 10t. 

The crane’s super structure features high tensile steel and the layout of key components is designed to provide convenient access for technicians for maintenance and service purposes.

The traveling speed can be switched between high speed and low speed with a high speed of up to 2km/h. 

The telescopic crawler’s reducer also features a concealed wet-brake and spring-loaded, fin engaged brake with spring force braking, which is oil pressure released. Pressure of 25MPa is generated by an auxiliary system that pushes the cylinder to realise the extension and retraction of the crawler tracks. The crawlers are extended when they get to site and retracted for transportation purposes. 

The jack pushes the guiding wheel and insert shims to adjust the tension in the crawler tracks. The track steering system manages single track turning and pivot turning and high-strength alloy milled steel prolongs the service life of track shoes, which are 1,100mm wide. 

The crawler tracks feature a maintenance-free track roller, and an outrigger cylinder facilitates the track frame disassembly during jobsite transfer. Its main components include a monitor, controller, length and angle sensor, pressure sensor, etc. 

When the crane gets to site, it can be put into assembly mode, which means certain safety devices are disabled to facilitate crane assembly. In work mode all safety limiting devices are activated to protect the operation of the crane. 

In an emergency situation, the emergency stop button will cut the power supply of the whole machine and all actions stop. 

Over-hoist protection of the main and auxiliary load hoist 

A height limiter is equipped on the boom/jib tip and this prevents the hook lifting too much. When the hook is lifted to the limited height, the limit switch activates, and an alarm pops up on the monitor. If the lift continues, alarms are sent from the control panel, a failure indicator light starts to flash, and the hook hoisting action is cut off automatically. 

Over-release protection of the main and auxiliary load hoist 

A three-wrap protector is installed on the main and auxiliary load hoist to prevent over-release of wire rope. When the rope is paid out close to the last three wraps, the limit switch activates, and the system emits an alarm and displays the alarm on the monitor, automatically cutting off the winch action. 

All of these features make the Sany SCC2500TB a highly competitive product in the telescopic crawler market. With the longest boom and highest lifting capacity in its class, the Sany crawler is a highly versatile and durable crane, ideally suited for applications in the construction and infrastructure sectors, mining and resources and the renewable energy sector. It is class- leading in any applications where a heavy lift telescopic crawler is required.

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