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Industry veteran appointed leader of Sany UK crane division

Andrew Snow, the new manager of the Sany UK crane division, stands in front of a Sany hydraulic boom crane.

Chinese manufacturer Sany has announced the appointment of industry veteran Andrew Snow as manager of the Sany UK crane division.

Snow brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new position, holding over 20 years of experience in the construction equipment industry with reputable companies such as Terex, Demag and Tadano.

“Sany is committed to delivering high-quality cranes and exceptional customer service to our clients in the UK,” said Snow. “I am delighted to join the Sany team at the start of its journey as we expand our product range and work towards strengthening our presence in the European market.”

Currently, Sany’s product range in the UK consists of telescopic crawler cranes spanning 60-80 tonnes with tw new larger models coming next year, and a range of lattice boom cranes covering the 60-480-tonne range.

Sany is due to launch the SAC600E 60-tonne, three -axle all terrain crane to the UK market in September. The SAC600E will be powered by a MTU OM470LA Stage V engine coupled with Allison transmission driven by Kessler axles. In addition, the crane will be fitted with a 50m main boom with the option of 16m double folding jib and will travel with 13 tonnes of counterweight, operating within UK STGO regulations.

The SAC600E will be exhibited at a number of open events throughout the UK in the autumn.

“We have already seen success and product acceptance in other European countries and now Sany aims to establish itself as a leading provider of cranes in the UK as well,” said Snow. “The SAC600E is just the first of a range of all-terrain products which will be offered to European markets with 120-tonne 4 Axle and 250-tonne 5 Axle models due soon.”

Sany’s products are distributed in Australia by leading heavy equipment distributor Tutt Bryant.

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