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HSC reveals redesigned crawler cranes

HSC launches redesigned crawler cranes.

Japanese crane manufacturer, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes (HSC), has released new designs of its SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3 crawler cranes.

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Announced via a press release on May 7 this year, the company says the two new cranes come with a new load moment limiter system and other enhanced safety features.

The limiter features a new 12.1-inch touchscreen display with an interface that delivers “superior” visibility, according to the manufacturer. The display has an operator interface with new sensing for live readout counterweight specification, ground bearing pressure, and list and trim indicators. To further enhance safety, HSC has standardised the handrails and catwalks as well as improving accessibility to both machines.

In tune with decarbonisation efforts across the globe, HSC’s redesigned crawler cranes are equipped with a Cummins B6.7 engine that complies with EU Stage V emission standards for the highest level of clean running performance that combines with an advanced control system for energy-efficient operation. The engine can also be run on biodiesel and hydrotreated vegetable oil – fuels recently platformed by the Minister for Infrastructure, Catherine King, and the Australian Constructors Association, as transition fuels to support decarbonisation until hydrogen and electric technology is fully ready and accessible.

Furthermore, HSC has also moved to enhance operator comfort in its cabs; the new operator seat comes with a seat heater, while a lower headrest caters to operators wearing helmets. New insulating glass has been used for the roof window to shut out more than 90 per cent of ultraviolet and mid-infrared light.

Lastly, HSC has improved the synchronicity of the winch operation system on its SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3 for its optional 13.5-tonne rated winch system. The manufacturer has achieved this through improving hydraulic circuits and optional monitoring with a rotation sensor to provide better synchronous movement of the front and rear winches, enhancing work such as hammer grab operations.

The 100-tonne capacity SCX1000A-3 can be configured with a maximum main boom of 60m and a maximum lifting height of 79m, while the SCX1800A-3 possesses a maximum main boom length of 84m.

HSC’s crawler cranes are distributed across Australia by national equipment distributor, Tutt Bryant.

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