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Härzschel takes delivery of Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all-terrain crane

Cloppenburg-based crane hire company, Härzschel, has added to its fleet by purchasing a Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all-terrain crane.

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Founder of Härzschel, Manfred Härzschel, said the crane will positively add to the crane hire company’s fleet.

“Choosing the Tadano AC 4.100L-1 was a pretty straightforward decision,” said Manfred, “since it perfectly complements our cutting-edge fleet in that space between the AC 4.080-1 and our 160-tonne unit from Lauf, rounding everything off perfectly.”

The 100-tonne crane’s powerful lifting capacity was one of the many drawcards when considering the purchase. In tandem with the 59.4m-long main boom and an an axle load lower than the 12-tonne limit while carrying 6.1 tonnes of counterweight, the AC 4.100L-1’s features combine to form a versatile, roadable machine.

According to Tadano, the crane comes with “enormous manoeuvrability” and utilises two-engine concept, that thereby making the crane cost-effective for owners.

Additionally, the crane’s compact dimensions enable the crane to work in tight spaces and urban areas, by way of its smallest in the class width profile of 2.55m.

The crane also comes with a max lifting capacity of 100-tonne x 2.5m. The max tip height of 84m and max travelling speed of 85km/h adds to its versatility.

The idea of making crane operators as comfortable as possible was imperative when acquiring the Tadano AC 4.100-1, according to Härzschel Managing Director, Sylvia Fredeweß.

“That’s why we ordered the AC 4.100L-1 with an air conditioning system, fridge, and engine-independent heater,” said Sylvia.

The Cloppenburg crane experts also ordered the Tadano AC 4.100-1 inclusive of a runner prep package to maximise of the crane’s resale value.

Sylvia also revealed Härzschel’s plans for a further purchase, as the company has confirmed the order of a Tadano AC 5.220-1.

Founded in Japan, the Tadano group runs 11 plants worldwide with more than 50 distribution branches and over 4200 employees.

Tadano manufactures a range of different cranes and prides itself on innovation and strict Japanese quality standards.

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