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Hareket heavy lifting supports Turkey’s energy exports

Hareket heavy liftand transport specialist plays a critical role in Turkey’s energy exports by delivering eight heavy and 10 high gauge parts ranging from 90-172t.

These were components for the 240 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Samsun. They were moved to the Kibray region in Tashkent, Uzbekistan approximately 4,000 kms away. Hareket delivered the project in three months and is now moving the 270 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in İzmir Aliağa to Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

For more than 60 years, Hareket, has successfully completed projects like this in many countries around the world, including Turkey, and continues to add value to the Turkish economy. In this context, Hareket has undertaken the dismantling, crane and transportation services of two power plants in Uzbekistan that will generate 510 MW of energy per year.

The power plant was transported 4,000 kms in a record time.

Hareket Heavy Lifting and Transport delivered all the components for the 240 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, with the heaviest component weighing 172t. The parts were loaded on the canal ship from Samsun Port and discharged at the Bautino Heavy Cargo Terminal. The freight was then transported to the Tashkent Kibray region via 144 axle hydraulic vehicles suitable for road conditions and mounted in place with a gantry lifting system. Other components of the plant were transported to the region via land with 275 lowbed and standard vehicles from Turkey.

A second power plant is being transported to Uzbekistan from İzmir

Hareket is now carrying out the project of moving a 270 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant located in İzmir Aliağa to Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which is 3500 km away. The ongoing project is expected to be completed within three months.

30 pieces of equipment belonging to the power plant, with weights varying between 116-180t, will be first taken from the factory in İzmir and discharged to Aliağa Port with hydraulic trailers. They will then be loaded from the port and discharged via the Black Sea and Don-Volga Channels at the Bautino Heavy Cargo Terminal. This terminal is servicing the Caspian Sea. The parts weighing between between 20-50t were delivered to Bukhara by 560 tautliner & lowbed vehicles.

There is a high demand for power plants from the Turkic Republics.

Noting that Turkey has taken important steps in energy exports in recent years, Abdullah Altunkum, Board Member of Hareket, said, “Natural gas combined cycle power plants, which have not been operating in our country in recent years, but are still operational, are in demand, especially from the Turkic Republics. The export of these Turkish power plants makes a very serious contribution to the country’s economy. However, moving a power plant to another country is a very difficult process. Hareket plays an important role in power plant exports by successfully performing dismantling, crane and transportation services with our expert staff and powerful equipment,” he said.

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