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Grove purchase record broken by crane hire company

31 Grove all-terrain cranes have been purchased by ILC.

Kuwait company, Integrated Logistics Company (ILC), has broken its record for Grove purchases, receiving 31 all-terrain cranes in the 2023 calendar year.

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With its operations spanning across the Middle East and possessing branches in both Kuwait and Qatar, the company specialises in supplying cranage solutions to oil & gas refineries as well as general infrastructure projects. Across the last year, it has purchased 20 GMK4100L-2 cranes, 10 GMK6300L-1 cranes, and its first GMK5250XL-1 machine, to further the number of Grove all-terrain cranes in its fleet to 79, largely due to the “high build quality” of the cranes, according to ILC CEO Saleh Al Huwaidi.

“After all these years working together, we have built a strong and trusting relationship with Manitowoc, and Grove is our favorite brand because of the high build quality of its cranes,” he said. “The tough Mercedes engines, superb Allison and Mercedes gearboxes, MegaTrak suspension, and highly efficient hydraulic and electrical systems combine with a strong structure to provide the reliability and durability demanded by our customers.”

According to the manufacturer, the GMK4100L-2 is most aptly suited for refinery work due to its compact size and ability to operate at higher capacities in confined areas. Additionally, the GMK6300L-1 also proves its usefulness in confined areas requiring larger lifting capacities; just four metres longer than its 100-tonne counterpart, the crane can lift 1.7 tonnes at a 74m radius, possessing a maximum boom length of 120m.

On the other hand, the GMK5250XL-1 possesses a best-in-show boom on five axles at a length of 78.5m, capable of lifting 9.9 tonnes at a 22m radius. Thanks to the crane’s long reach and high manoeuvrability, the machine is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With ILC purchasing all three models of the crane, Manitowoc’s Regional Sales Manager, Sudheesh Mohan, praised the “strong commitment” from its “valued customer” in choosing to invest in record numbers across 2023.

“As Manitowoc continues to focus on customer-centric products,” he said, “we’re seeing stronger demand in the region and we’re aiming for even bigger successes in future.”


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