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Gold Coast to host LiftEx 2024

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is excited to announce that LiftEx 2024 will be held at The Star Casino and Resort on the Gold Coast on September 12 and 13, 2024. 

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The event promises to be grander than ever before, with a full exhibition open to end users, stakeholders, and industry participants. The conference will showcase the latest advances in lifting technology, with a focus on future products that will be of the utmost importance to our industry. 

In addition, LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 will feature a very special guest speaker on the afternoon of the 13th explains LEEA’s Regional Manager Justin Boehm. 

“We plan to extend the event into the afternoon and evening of the 13th and we hope visitors, exhibitors and delegates will stay on and enjoy the brilliance of the Gold Coast and everything it has to offer. More information will be published in these pages and also on our website, when they are available,” he said.

“Building on the success of LiftEx 2023, LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 is going to be a significant event; envisaged to be a platform for our key suppliers to showcase change, innovation, and growth in the lifting industry. 

“As the industry evolves, LEEA continues to be at the forefront, providing events like LiftEx as a space for learning, networking, and collaboration. With its focus on the future, LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 is set to highlight the lifting industry to new stakeholders and end users,” said Justin.

The resounding success of LiftEx Sydney 2023, which featured an impressive line-up of speakers presenting a vision of how the Lifting Industry will look in the next 10 years, is the catalyst to bring a bigger and better event to the Gold Coast. The conference focused on advanced technologies and AI, mindset and resilience, sustainability, and engaging the future workforce. 

“LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 aims to build on this success by showcasing the latest advancements in lifting technology in a full exhibition to show our products and services to clients, users from around the country,” Justin said.

“One of the primary goals of LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 is to foster global connections for Australian firms. LEEA’s Australian and New Zealand regional council promoted strategic partnerships, distribution alliances, and employment opportunities when they presented at LiftEx UK in November. The view was to attract an international presence to the Gold Coast event to boost connectivity to the region.

“LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 is set to be a fantastic event that will provide a platform for change, innovation and growth in the lifting industry. With its focus on the future, the conference will showcase the latest advancements in lifting technology and provide a space for learning, networking, and collaboration,” said Justin. 


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