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GLAD2024 launched by LEEA

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has officially set the date for GLAD2024, the fifth instalment of Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD).

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Set to take place on July 18, GLAD will once again look to promote safe and high-quality load lifting through manufacturers, end users and suppliers sharing social media posts, videos, articles, and in-person activity, joined by the hashtag #GLAD2024. Additionally, the event will also feature a new logo and branding, moving away from a previous version that centred on a hook towards a graphic focusing more on the title of the awareness event. LEEA’s CEO, Ross Moloney, said the event had now achieved a “brand-like” status and is now a “globally recognised concept”.

“We’re looking to use its popularity to raise awareness of what our industry people do and what those outside of the sector need to do to become part of our world,” he said. “This is why the themes LEEA will focus on this year are skills and employment.”

As with previous years, LEEA is encouraging its members, end users, and everyone in between, to contribute by using the graphic and hashtag to celebrate their involvement with the industry and promote it as an interesting place to work, with skills and employment as suggested focal points of outreach efforts. It is a membership that understands the value of continually raising standards, with #GLAD2024 serving as a platform from which to convince a wider community to train and develop their staff, while signposting pathways into lifting.

“LEEA’s vision is to reduce all accidents, injuries, and fatalities within the lifting industry to zero, and we have various initiatives in place to achieve this,” said Moloney. “The way by which LEEA provides access to and disseminates knowledge, is through vehicles such as our online training platform, technical triage, Chatbot, guidance documents, and other resources.”

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LEEA has announced the launch of GLAD2024.
The updated logo. Image: LEEA
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