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Get ready for LiftEx

The Lifting Equipment Industry focuses its eyes on Sydney for the upcoming LiftEx Regional event – Justin Boehm gives his take on what’s going to make this event stand out.

LiftEx is an event synonymous as the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’s (LEEA) global exhibition series. It brings together professionals from the lifting equipment industry in different regions of the world with the aim of promoting best practice, innovation and safety in our sector. LiftEx in Sydney will be the first outside the United Kingdom and is shaping up to be a hugely impactful event. 

To be held on 24-25 May, LiftEx Regional in Sydney is an unmissable opportunity for industry professionals to connect with peers, gain insight into the latest trends and technologies and learn from speakers most wouldn’t consider involved with the Lifting Equipment Industry. With a packed schedule of speakers, Q&A sessions and exhibitors, the event promises to provide valuable information and networking opportunities to all those who attend.

The event features a diverse range of speakers who will share their knowledge and experiences to a range of members, industry participants and invited guests. 

The brilliant speaker line-up will enlighten attendees with new ways of thinking about our industry, our people and our future. 

Opening the event will be Charles Brass – Chairman of the Futurist Foundation. The thinking of a futurist isn’t simply in predicting what will happen in 2100, but to open participants minds to the thinking and process of how this will occur. As an example, in a non-related field – hospital emergency care – nurses see motor vehicle accident patients, but it’s expected that with the adoption of fully-autonomous vehicles these emergency presentations will eventually be zero.

Adaption to new technology from collision avoidance systems will mean that nursing practice will change, teaching students processes and protocols in this field will then adapt to this new technology and particular trauma response systems will be made redundant. I’m incredibly excited to hear Charles’ thoughts on how the Lifting Equipment Industry will change. 

Another notable speaker will be Rose Read from the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence. Rose and her colleagues are working with several major firms to better manage the impacts of their products and materials through their life cycle. The Lifting Equipment Industry has a good news story to tell from a metals recycling perspective, but we have other huge issues to get on top of and Rose will share some of her expertise on ways we can evolve in a sustainable way. 

Additionally, we will have the phenomenal Alison Earl. She is going to show us ways to motivate and engage our people like never before. I always thought stress was a taboo issue and that it was as bad for us as smoking, but Alison changed my thinking. Learning from stress and changing mindset about how to use stress as a growth opportunity opened my eyes immensely. She has helped thousands of her major clients get more from their teams and her session is going to benefit our industry by passing on tips and strategies to get more from your team. 

In addition to the speakers, we will also have a Q&A to embed the learning from these enlightening topics. 

It’s also a great opportunity for members to meet experts and see the latest in product technology with the onsite exhibition and networking. The exhibition will feature lifting equipment manufacturers, distributors and service providers. The networking event is going to celebrate our members and their contribution to our industry. 

The second day of LiftEx is the pièce de resistance, where we will be announcing an industry-changing education strategy. With all the brilliance of day 1, day 2 will be even better. In addition to the education announcement, we will be updating the industry on our people attraction strategy, training provider solutions, new marketing direction and our latest sustainability objectives for 2023-24.

We’ve got some very long-term members who’ve supported LEEA and our objectives over a number of years. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support, dedication to our methodologies, commitment to safety and vision of a lifting and height safety industry which have eliminated accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Overall, LiftEx Regional – Sydney is going to be a great event, thanks to the hard work of the team, the high-quality speakers, and the engaged and enthusiastic attendees. The event will highlight the importance of education, safety compliance and innovation in the lifting equipment industry and will provide a valuable opportunity for professionals in the sector to come together, learn from each other, and work towards a common goal of promoting best practices and improving safety standards.

If you are involved in the lifting industry, attending LiftEx Regional – Sydney is an absolute must. 

Justin Boehm

Regional manager LEEA

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