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Game changing lifting technology arrives Down Under

Erne Lifting has brought a new, innovative lifting technology to Australia: the Vita Load Navigator.

The Vita Load Navigator is an intelligent lifting technology solution that significantly enhances control, capability and safety of load operations, helping crews work safer, lift faster, and reduce costs. A family-owned business, Erne Lifting is excited to be a distributor for Vita Industrial’s game changing lifting technology for the crane industry.

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When Vita Inclinata Technologies was founded in 2015, the primary stabilisation method for hoist and load operations was a tagline – a simple rope held by a person on the ground. This method is not only outdated, but also imprecise, inefficient and unsafe. 

Vita’s first product was developed for the Aerospace industry (the Vita Rescue System) to prevent the chaotic motion of rescue lifters under helicopters by designing load stabilisation devices for the military’s Department of Defence. 

Vita later expanded its focus and proprietary technology to other industries that experience similar challenges of stabilising loads, specifically construction and lifting operations with cranes. 

The Vita Load Navigator is a semi-autonomous propulsion-driven device that connects below the hook of a crane and is  remotely controlled.

 Measuring over 1,000 data points per second, the system detects load movement in real-time and adjusts the load with high-powered fans to eliminate spinning, rotations and other problems that cause site damage or injuries.

By eliminating spinning, the Vita Load Navigator holds loads of up to 40t steady, mitigating wind and weather delays, it keeps crews out of the danger zone and eliminates the need for taglines. The precision control allows the crew to place the pick exactly where they need it, and the utilisation of the memory functionality records lift positions, allowing the simplification of repetitive lifts with the touch of a button. All this allows the crew to place the load with unparalleled precision from up to 182m away. The Vita Load Navigator comes in various models to meet the needs of all lifting challenges. 


What the Australian Crane industry can expect from the VITA Load Navigator

There is always some hesitation in the construction industry when new technology is introduced, or construction companies feel they’ve already seen something similar. This has not been the case with the Vita Load Navigator. The Vita Load Navigator has seen immediate success in the UK and is being used in seven different countris and has been welcomed by many companies simply by demonstrating the technology on project sites and letting the crews try it out for  themselves. 

The minute the tech is turned on and loads are lifted, there is an immediate “A-ha” moment. Also being able to show all the different applications/types of loads lifted and industries served immediately builds credibility. Crane hire companies and construction companies that continually strive for safer sites and provide safety solutions to stay on or ahead of schedule love the Vita Load Navigator across the UK – they know it’s proven around the world, and they see its benefits firsthand on their own sites immediately. 

How the VITA Load Navigator benefits a crane business

The Vita Load Navigator allows crane businesses to do more for their clients. Think about it – a contractor needs a mobile crane, or tower crane or other crane. The contractor gets pricing from their suppliers for such a crane. They
know crane A and crane B will produce similar results. Now, if crane A came
with a Vita Load Navigator, it would be able to complete more picks each day
than crane B.  

Because the Vita Load Navigator can stabilise loads automatically, even in adverse weather conditions, this means Crane A would be able to work in days when crane B could not. Crane B would have to stop lifting because it would be too dangerous and hard to control loads with taglines in some of these windy days. But not Crane A, with the Vita Load Navigator. If a crane business offered Vita Load Navigators or included Vita Load Navigators as part of their crane services, they will help their contractors/clients to complete their projects faster, safer and with reduced costs. Many of Vita’s successful distributors happen to be crane  businesses.

How the VITA Load Navigator benefits a construction site

The benefits can be realised as soon as a contractor starts using the Vita Load Navigator on their site.  Training and onboarding workers is so simple that within a matter of hours a worker will become an authorised user, supporting lifting operations on their site with this  technology. 

Completing more lifts or picks everyday with their cranes is a big win for some contractors increasing by up to 30% daily single crane utilization whilst minimising risk to site workers and completing lifts more safely. Reducing wind out days on site over the project duration has helped contractors stay on schedule, with some of them finishing weeks to months in  advance. Some contractors that have experienced the time savings with the Vita Load Navigator already know they can bid their next jobs tighter, helping to increase their chance of winning more projects.

Erne Lifting has brought a new, innovative lifting technology to Australia: the Vita Load Navigator.
The Vita Load Navigator has seen immediate success in the UK and has been welcomed by many companies simply by demonstrating the technology on project sites and letting the crews try it out for themselves. Image: Vita Load Navigator

We all know there is limited skilled labour available in the market to complete projects as quickly as clients want. If this equipment can help contractors solve that challenge by using technology to support their current workers, making everyone safer or using their skilled workers smarter, it’s a win-win for all.

Originally Erne Lifting started distributing welding and safety gear to the construction industry. More recently, the business has focused on sourcing global cutting-edge technologies to introduce to the Australian Crane Industry.

“We are most excited to showcase the Vita Load Navigator on Australian soil,” said Maria Maguire, Director of Erne  Lifting.

“We know two things for sure; this product is an absolute game changer for the Australian market. The country is going through a huge development era and the use of heavy industrial equipment like cranes is one of the largest overheads that eat into this industry’s profit,” she said.

 “We know this product will dramatically reduce costs but from a moral aspect, we believe in what we are bringing to the market because it reduces risk, keeping workers safe on site,” she continued. “We have a close relationship with MDM Lifting Solutions, which will be on the ground with us for the launch of the Vita Load Navigator to the Australian  Market.”  

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