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Game “Chainger”: Nobles launch high quality Grade 100 chain lifting system

Nobles has announced the launch of its new range of Grade 100 lifting and lashing chain, components and slings, NOBLE10, available for local delivery around Australia.

Nobles has announced the launch of its new range of Grade 100 lifting and lashing chain, components and slings, NOBLE10, available for local delivery around Australia.

The new NOBLE10 range of chain slings are suited to the construction, mining, manufacturing and heavy engineering industries and are being offered pre-assembled or made-to-order for Nobles’ customers nationally.  NOBLE10 comes in five sizes of true Grade 100 alloy chain ranging from eight to 20mm in diameter, together with enlarged master-links, optional grab hook shorteners and a choice of self-locking or safety latch hooks.  All chain and components come painted in gloss blue and are embossed with “NOBLE10” on the chain and “NOBLES” on components, in addition to batch numbering for full product traceability.

NOBLE10 is designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to Australian Standards AS2321, AS3775 and AS3776 and is 100 per cent exclusively imported by Nobles, Australia’s leading lifting and rigging specialists.  Nobles sources its “value” lifting and rigging products, including NOBLE10, directly from white-label manufacturers, conducting on-site manufacturing process and quality system checks before beginning commercial discussions.

During product selection, Nobles conducted extensive in-house engineering design reviews and local sample/batch destruction testing on all NOBLE10 chain and components individually, as well as, in fully assembled slings of all sizes and configurations. This process was so exhaustive, Nobles even specified selected component design modifications to improve integrated sling performance, delaying the launch of the entire product range, to ensure 100 per cent quality and performance from day one.

During the chain and component production process, Nobles conducted multiple manufacturer visits to observe critical manufacturing stages, such as heat treatment, forging and in-line product testing before the products were even shipped. And of course, as is required by Australian Standard AS3775, Nobles always conducts NATA accredited proof load tests on all manufactured NOBLE10 chain slings, which are all assembled by experienced local Nobles production teams in Australia, before despatch to customers.

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As a true Grade V (100) chain sling under AS3775, NOBLE10 is 25 per cent stronger than the same sized Grade T (80) chain, components and slings.  While Nobles will continue to sell premium European Grade 100 and locally made Grade 80, the new NOBLE10 range will be offered to Nobles’ customers at Grade 80 equivalent pricing, so will also be excellent value for money.  Over time it is expected that many local Grade 80 buyers will move to NOBLE10 Grade 100 and premium imported Grade 100 buyers will eventually move up to Grade 120.

To enable faster customer chain sling selection and delivery, as part of the launch, Nobles have provided customers with tables of over 70 pre-configured NOBLE10 chain sling item numbers covering a wide range of chain size, leg and length combinations.  If not already available in stock pre-assembled, NOBLE10 chain slings ordered this way will be rapidly produced in any one of Nobles five manufacturing centres based around Australia. NOBLE10 chain, slings and components will also be available to order directly online from Nobles website to be shipped anywhere in the country.

“Nobles is highly trusted by customers for our technical expertise and product quality and we have gone to great lengths to source and bring them a great quality Grade 100 chain sling at a great price,” Nobles Managing Director Guy Roberts said.

“We fully expect that, over time, NOBLE10 will become the benchmark for high quality, high value chain slings in the Australian market. In short, we believe it really will be a game changer for the lifting and rigging industry”.

To mark the launch of NOBLE10 in October, Nobles is giving its customers a special behind-the-scenes look at the work their team has done over the past 12 months, to bring the product to market, via short video interviews on its website.  As well as being entertaining, these videos capture the experience of bringing this important new product to market from three different internal perspectives: engineering/design, sourcing/quality and operations/testing.

In addition, Nobles is offering visitors to its website the chance to win a trip for two to the UK in June 2020, including flights, three nights accommodation and VIP tickets to attend The Strongman Classic at The Royal Albert Hall in London.  As an added bonus, on the day of the Strongman Classic, the competition winners are to be accompanied by NOBLE10 ambassador Jordan “Biggie” Steffens, who has competed at previous Strongman Classic events.

Full NOBLE10 product specifications and an online form to enter the competition are now available at www.nobles.com.au/noble10. To enquire about a quote or place an order for NOBLE10, please contact Nobles via email at sales@nobles.com.au or phone 1300 711 559.

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