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Fuller Mobile Cranes delighted with Anglomoil performance

Fuller Mobile Cranes have been using Anglomoil products for over seven years. Kane Fuller discusses the relationship with Paul Laganis and the team at Anglomoil and why they continue to utilise the locally manufactured and stocked oil and lubricating products.

“Up until seven years ago we were using a competitive product, but we could see the machines were not performing at their optimum levels and we were having issues. We bought a testing kit which enabled us to check the viscosity of the oil and we compared the new oil from the drum to the oil which had been drained as part of a service. The test revealed the new oil was sitting at the same specification as the used oil.

“We immediately went on the hunt for another supplier. I spoke to Paul, and he came back with the right pricing for the Anglomoil product and we were on board. Since then, Paul has continued delivering what he says he will, and in the time frames we discuss.

“Quite honestly, we have been amazed by the performance of Anglomoil’s products and over the seven years we have been using their products we haven’t had a problem,” he said.

“We know the oils are performing We service our cranes as per the OEMs recommendations and we know the oils are performing because there has been no need for interim maintenance. This provides us with peace of mind, and we can focus on more important aspects of our business. Recently, we moved to Anglomoil for all our greasing and other lubricating products, which means we use them for everything,” said Fuller.

Fuller goes onto explain how well he is serviced by Laganis and the Anglomoil team.

“Paul is phone call away and he if we need him here, he will be in the yard within the hour. It makes life so much easier when we are dealing with one person for everything as opposed to calling four different suppliers. Anglomoil’s products perform, there is no doubt about it and Paul’s customer service takes away any hassle, when you call you are not talking to a machine which seems to be the direction everything is headed,” said Fuller.

Fuller Mobile Cranes brings in subcontractors for some of the maintenance of their machines. They bring their own tools and parts, but Fuller makes sure they use the Anlgomoil oils and greases.

“With all of our machines, we find the Anglomoil product performs really well. You can check the viscosity of the oil in our cranes and we find the Anglomoil products keep their shape for longer. Some of our cranes are still showing 70% viscosity when they are due for a service which is outstanding. Anglomoil product is in our fleet of cranes, trucks, cars including my personal car,” said Fuller.

Fuller Mobile Crane’s facility has full tanks for the main oils and these feature airline connections. They have also built a bay for the 200 litre Drums.

Fuller goes on to discuss the return on investment he receives by paying for and utilising Anglomoil’s premium products.

“Oils appear to be priced similarly, but if my cranes can perform at optimum levels without requiring additional maintenance between planned services, then that’s a huge advantage for us, and we are prepared to pay a small premium for this performance.

“If our machines are not breaking down, we are making money. For us, downtime on a machine is bad and we want to avoid this at all costs. But if a machine does break down, it might cost a few thousand dollars to have it up and running, but when you factor in the salary of the two or three guys required to operate the machine, their unproductive time really starts to add up and can cost serious money,” he said.

“So, we have very few break downs and we always have oil in stock, we don’t have to wait for deliveries because Paul and his team are on their game. Oils are probably the cheapest element of a maintenance program for your fleet. If you change your oil and grease on a regular basis with quality products, there is a higher chance your machine is going to perform over an extended period of time,” said Fuller.

Fuller is surprised the crane sector hasn’t switched on to the benefits of working with the Anglomoil organisation and the products it manufactures locally.

“Our industry operates on traditional business values which are relationship based. Fuller Mobile Cranes has a seven-year relationship with the team at Anglomoil and we haven’t had a problem with the quality or the performance of their products.

“I’m not sure why the rest of the industry hasn’t switched on to Anglomoil. Maybe it is because they have been flying under the radar and competitive products have been making more noise in the market.

“From our perspective, Anglomoil works extremely well with Fullers Mobile Cranes. When we moved to Anglomoil we started using their Euro specified oils including the Euro 10W40 which is a Euro 5 oil which looks after most of the engines right up to the new Euro engines.

“It’s a premium product and accordingly, you pay a price, but we have been so pleased with the performance we will pay the 50c a litre premium all day every day.,” he said.

“As I’ve said, oil is the cheapest product you can use in the maintenance programs relating to your cranes and the equipment that supports them. Rather than worrying about the price of a premium oil product, I suggest crane companies look at the cost of breakdowns and if poor oils are part of the cause, it is worth paying a 50c per litre premium on Australian made product designed to minimise breaks downs,” said Fuller.

It’s been a big couple of years for Fuller Mobile Cranes. The business had been operating from its Holroyd yard for 30 years, but the business had outgrown the facility to the degree that the Fullers were operating two separate yards which were holding cranes and trucks as well as a third yard of a sub-contractor holding more trucks.

Father and son team Larry and Kane Fuller knew they needed a yard where everything could be accommodated. They found the right premises in Smithfield and moved in July 2019.

“We can accommodate all our cranes and trucks, we have our dedicated wash bay, an inhouse fuel tank. The workshop can accommodate our own mechanics and if we sub-contract mechanics in for work, we have all oils and equipment right here and at their disposal. We also needed a bigger yard because we will be adding a larger capacity crane to the fleet, later in the year.

“It’s the perfect facility for us and the location is ideal as we wanted to stay closer to Parramatta and the city and not be out at ‘crane central’ where most of our competitors are. We are also right on top of the M4 which for now, does not have a toll and this works in our favour as well,” said Fuller.

“Over the past three years, we’ve added more cranes, we’ve added more staff and we’re now in a great facility. I give Larry full credit for this. For 33 years, he has worked hard on the business, and it is because of his efforts and experience that the business is in such a solid position.

“We work well as a team, we keep safety front and central and our customers respect this, that’s why we are still working for customers who Larry started out with 33 years ago,” he said.

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