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From concept to delivery

Customers of SpanSet believe, as a local manufacturer, the company designs and manufactures the undisputed best product on the market.

SpanSet Australia manufactures high quality, standard, and bespoke webbing round slings and flat slings at its Emu Plains facility, west of Sydney. For over 50 years, the brand SpanSet has been recognised as a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality synthetic products for the crane and related industries.

Ben Fitzgerald of Queensland Rigging Hire is a big fan of SpanSet products, and he recently took delivery of two 20t capacity, 10m long flat web slings.

“The new flat web slings we recently acquired are ideal for many applications, including lifting boats. Yachts come out of the water infrequently for maintenance and they can be in different locations, and the rigging arrangements for each yacht is always different. These SpanSet slings are ideal for this type of application and significantly add to our ability to service our customers,” he said.

“We like to offer our customers premium products and, in our opinion, SpanSet has the undisputed best product on the market, and it’s good to be able to provide our customers the best available in Australia and probably the best in the world.”

Fitzgerald elaborates on why he holds the SpanSet brand and their products in such high regard.

“In this industry, you get what you pay for, and when you buy SpanSet you know it’s a premium product, and ultimately premium products perform better and last longer.

“Customers want to see top quality, Australian made gear. It makes them more confident about completing the lift safely and effectively. At the end of the day, you can have the very best cranes on the lift, but if the slings fail, everything does. Customers are increasingly demanding the best quality slings, and with SpanSet as our supplier, we can provide that,” he said.

Jeff Pogson is the national technical and product development manager for SpanSet Australia. He explains how the business can ‘personalize’ its service for customers in the crane industry.

“We can take enquiries, conceptualize them, create a design, manufacture them and then test them all under one roof,” he said.

Being an Australian manufacturer, SpanSet supports Australian manufacturing, and the bulk of their webbing is manufactured in Australia, with the remainder being sourced from SpanSet in Europe.

SpanSet’s polyester webbing starts at 25mm wide and goes all the way up to 600mm, meaning SpanSet has no limitations to their abilities.

“SpanSet flat webbing products include endless single and two ply flat slings, single, two and four ply flat slings as well as fingered boat lifting slings,” says Pogson.

“We also manufacture webbing lifting nets using pocket webbing and conventional flat webbing, and we produce bespoke lifting mats.”

In addition to their leading range of flat slings, SpanSet also has a vast range of round slings that they manufacture, including the E Series, Supra Plus, Magnum Plus, Magnum Force and Magnum Dyneema slings.

“Our standard slings are manufactured using Polyester yarn and are excellent value for money. Where weight and elongation are a concern, we offer slings manufactured with modified high performance polyester core yarn or Dyneema SK78 core yarn,” said Pogson.

“Our round sling machines are from Germany and incorporate several manufacturing features to minimize creep and elongation. We can make round slings from 400mm up to 60 metres in length, depending on the capacity.

Being an Australian manufacturer is pivotal for SpanSet. They strive to have the highest manufacturing capabilities in Australia and take their role as industry leaders very seriously. Their fully trained machinists carry out all SpanSet Australia’s manufacturing on machinery designed for tough work.

The SpanSet logo stands for quality says Fitzgerald. “All thoughts of increased risk are alleviated because you know the product you are using is the best. Many companies can build slings, but SpanSet is world-renowned for the Research & Development it conducts, the quality of the product they produce, and the testing processes they put their products through. The same cannot be said for many of the imported products on the market,” said Fitzgerald.

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