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Friede & Goldman launch 3200 metric-tonne FO-146 WTIV

Friede & Goldman and OIM Wind have launched the all new FO-146 WTIV (Wind Turbine Installation Vessel) to meet the growing demand for offshore wind.

Naval architecture and engineering firm Friede & Goldman and OIM Wind have officially unveiled the FO-146 WTIV (Wind Turbine Installation Vessel).

The FO-146 WTIV is based on Friede & Goldman’s WindSetter Class WTIVs and combines the industry’s latest technology and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the global offshore wind market, according to F&G.

Launched to both the American and global markets, the FO-146 WTIV can hold up to five 18mW or four 20mW Wind Turbine Generator sets, including their Full Height Towers. The vessel also displays a large water depth capacity of 80m, and is equipped with a 3200 metric-tonne capacity leg that encircles the crane on board to help with the installation of XXL monopile foundations.

“We are thrilled to introduce the FO-146 WTIV, a game-changing and ‘Green’ solution that addresses the evolving demands of the offshore wind industry,” said Robert Clague, Vice President of Engineering at Friede & Goldman. “Our collaboration with OIM Wind has been instrumental in bringing this innovative design to fruition, combining our expertise and shared vision to deliver a vessel that sets new standards in performance and efficiency.”

According to Friede & Goldman, the installation vessel is a result of a collaboration between the Houston-based engineering firm and OIM Wind that will offer the offshore wind industry “unparalleled performance, efficiency, and versatility”. Furthmore, the FO-146 WTIV design has already been subject to a significant amount of industry interest, with many ongoing offshore tender solicitations. Plans are currently underway for the construction of at least two units to meet the growing global demand for offshore wind.

News of Friede & Goldman’s newest development comes after global engineered heavy lifting specialist Mammoet recently launched its newest product, a new jacking and cradle system designed for XXL monopiles, indicative of the growing demand for both offshore wind and associated practical machinery.


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