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Franna’s support network expands across Australia

While you can find one of Franna’s much-loved pick and carry cranes in nearly every corner of Australia, providing the support they need is an ever-growing challenge. Cranes and Lifting took a dive into the world of crane support from Franna.

Operating for over 40 years since the founders sold their first pick and carry built from truck components, Franna remains one of the most reliable and durable machines; the company ensures its products continue to deliver by maintaining a strong parts and servicing division.

The division carries out a variety of work, including 10-year major inspections, routine maintenance, repairs for general wear-and-tear, breakdowns, accidents and warranties, bulletin updates, complete rebuilds and upgrades.

Franna’s National Service Manager Mark Tanner says routine maintenance comes around very quickly for Franna cranes due to their high utilisation rate.

The high utilisation rate means routine maintenance comes around very quickly for Franna cranes.

“Typically, pick and carry cranes can be used for tasks they are not originally designed for, such as the pushing and pulling of loads,” he said. 

“This can result in damage to both the internal mechanisms and structure of the boom, so we need to make sure we thoroughly inspect these areas during maintenance.” 

As a means of supporting their machines at a national scale, Franna’s comprehensive support network includes several sales and service centres, with Brisbane the main distribution point to support workshops in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne for any necessary parts and to provide local support to customers. 

Additionally, to ensure their customers can efficiently receive the parts required to keep their machines running smoothly, Franna maintains a sizeable inventory of spare parts for its machines should they be needed. 

“Overall, Franna’s comprehensive support network ensures that their machines are well-supported throughout Australia, regardless of where they are located,” Tanner explains.

Offering a vast array of services Australia-wide, the spotlight falls on how Franna can ensure quick and efficient access to all customers across the country. Tanner, who has been with Franna for nigh on 29 years, says the company holds no problems with the geographical challenges of providing efficient servicing and parts to customers. 

“To ensure that spare parts can be delivered quickly to remote locations, Franna uses advanced logistics and supply chain management systems to ensure that spare parts can be quickly located and shipped to remote locations utilising a number of service providers,” he said.

Franna has approximately 70 people to help provide any support required.

Included within these services are an approximate 8,000-part lines, which are duplicated across all sites and, additionally, are holistically designed to include support for all cranes of all ages. 

As well as the Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney workshops are two remote-field-service locations in Rockhampton and Mackay, Queensland. 

Franna is also working on a service agent agreement with a well respected business in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

On-site field-servicing is available from all the workshops, with Franna possessing a fleet of 20 field-service vehicles in order to aid its on-site servicing capability.

A servicing team including workshop technicians, field-service technicians, product support technicians, and people operating in warranty and administration are all components of Franna’s success. 

All up Franna has about 70 people to help provide any support required.

The parts team, operating outside of – yet in tandem with – the service team, consists of around 30 people with a number of years experience operating in multiple roles, whether it be parts interpreters, buyers, store-people, inventory planners or analysts.

“Overall, Franna is committed to providing fast and reliable support to its customers – even those operating in remote locations – through a combination of advanced logistics, supply chain management systems and a highly skilled spare parts team,” Mark said.  

 The nature of the work completed by pick and carry cranes means it has regular parts that may degrade faster or need monitoring to ensure the crane is operated safely.

Mark says that crane owners and operators should keep an eye on their Franna cranes to monitor them for degradation.

Franna is committed to providing fast and reliable support to its customers.

Among the parts operators should keep an eye on are:

Winch ropes

The winch ropes used in Franna cranes are under constant stress and can become worn or damaged over time. Clients should watch for signs of fraying, kinks, or broken wires, and replace wire ropes when necessary.


The bearings used in Franna cranes support the weight of the machine and can wear out over time. Users should utilise the remote greasing systems and monitor for signs of play or looseness in the bearing assemblies, and replace bearings as needed.

Hydraulic hoses and fittings

The hydraulic hoses and fittings used in Franna cranes can be subject to wear and tear, and can develop leaks or cracks over time. Clients should regularly inspect these components and replace them if any signs of wear or damage are present.


The filters used in Franna cranes help to keep the hydraulic and fuel systems clean and free of contaminants. Clients should monitor these filters and replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Electrical components

Franna cranes use a range of electrical components, including switches, sensors, and relays. Clients should monitor these components for signs of wear or damage and replace them as needed.

“By monitoring these key parts and performing regular maintenance and inspections, clients can help to ensure the safe and reliable operation of their Franna cranes,” Tanner said. 

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