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Franna’s new ADR compliant engine

Mercedes OM936 ADR compliant engine going into Franna's pick and carry cranes.

The mobile crane landscape is on the brink of a transformation with the introduction of the Mercedes OM 936 engine into the Franna Pick and Carry Crane, a fully ADR compliant engine.

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Slated for release in all Franna crane models in July 2024, the latest engine technology from Mercedes represents a strategic shift towards cleaner and more efficient operations.

From July 1, Australia will enforce Australian Design Rule (ADR) 80/03, which aims to decrease the amount of noxious emissions released from heavy vehicles. Australia bases its standards off the European Union onroad  standards.

Going beyond adherence to just the current Australian emission standards, Franna is forging ahead, eyeing the future by aligning with the forthcoming ADR 80/04 standard scheduled for introduction in November 2025, modelled after the European Euro VI onroad standards.

But Franna’s journey didn’t stop there. Due to Franna’s growing global presence, the quest for an engine complying with both the rigorous European Union nonroad standards and the stringent USA EPA Standards became imperative. 

This presented a formidable challenge, considering the EU and USA impose far more exacting standards in comparaison to Australia. Presently, the EU adheres to Euro VI standards for onroad vehicles and Stage V standards for nonroad vehicles, while the USA mandates Tier 4 Final standards for both onroad and nonroad  vehicles. 

For reference, a mobile crane falls under the category of nonroad vehicles owing to its extensive 70 per cent utilisation onsite.

Franna engineers collaborated closely with Penske, the Australian dealer for Mercedes-Benz engines, resulting in the selection of the OM 936 engine, which meets the demanding criteria of EU Stage V, US Tier 4 Final, and ADR 80/04.  The OM 936 engine is also available in a version compliant with the Euro VI onroad standard, although the Stage V nonroad standard is deemed by the EU to be the best standard for a mobile crane application – a standard that has also been accepted by ADR.

While other engines were considered by Franna, the Mercedes was once again chosen as it has shown proven reliability since its introduction in 2003. As an example, the OM 936 had over twice the engine braking performance of other engines evaluated without the need to add the additional complexity and heat load of a transmission retarder. The first Mercedes OM 936 engine made its way into Australia in 2015 with Liebherr cranes as a nonroad Stage V and has been a staple onroad Euro VI compliant engine in trucks and buses ever since. 

 “The choice of the Mercedes OM 936 engine is a deliberate move toward meeting emissions standards not just for now, but also the foreseeable future… while maintaining the high-performance and quality Franna is known for,” said Clayton McPherson, Principal Engineer for Franna.

The Mercedes OM 936 engine signifies more than just an upgrade for Franna cranes; according to Franna, it symbolises a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and growth. 


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