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Franna goes global

As part of its global expansion plan, Franna has announced a new model of its pick and carry cranes. Sales Director Andrew Pritchard and General Manager Danny Black give their thoughts on the crane’s capabilities and its recent appearance at The Utility Expo in Kentucky, USA.

Renowned Australian pick and carry crane manufacturer Franna has revealed the latest move it is making to establish itself at the helm of the global pick and carry market, by announcing its expansion into the United States with the AT24 US model.

The AT24 US has been tailored to the US market’s demands while retaining the renowned Franna versatility and reliability.

The 24 imperial ton crane will be held to the same quality standard as the Australian models and will be manufactured at Franna’s Eagle Farm facility, located in Brisbane, Queensland.

The expansion marks a significant milestone for the company’s global growth strategy.

With its arrival in the US, Franna is seeking to redefine the standards of P&C cranes and become the preferred choice of crane in industries such as construction, oil & gas, mining and infrastructure development.

Building on its strong reputation in Australia where it owns over 90 per cent of the current P&C crane market-share, the company has chosen the US as the prime location to expand its operations, with Sales Director Andrew Pritchard saying the company was “thrilled” to be able to bring the Franna brand to the US market.

“The AT24 US model sets a new standard in safety, combining cutting-edge technology, superior lifting capabilities, and our signature manoeuvrability,” he says.

“We are confident that it will not only exceed the expectations of American customers in terms of performance and reliability but also provide a safe working environment for their operators.

” Akin to the machines that dominate the Australian pick and carry crane market, the AT24 US is purposefully designed to tackle a wide range of lifting and carrying applications within the US.

Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 24 imperial ton, the US-specific crane combines power and precision with a high level of manoeuvrability, making it one of the prime choices for navigating confined spaces and demanding job sites.

Safety is paramount in any lifting operation, and the AT24 US prioritises operator well-being and job site safety.

Equipped with advanced safety features such as load moment indicators, emergency stop systems and precise control mechanisms, Franna’s cranes provide operators with the confidence and control needed to handle complex lifting tasks.

In the July issue of Cranes and Lifting, GM of Tasmanian company Billing Cranes Darren Ling spoke highly of Franna’s patented Dynamic LMI.

The system provides ‘real-time’ calculation of rated capacity, taking into account boom configuration, chassis articulation, pitch and roll, a continual assessment of structural limitations and forward and side stability, with Ling stating that he “loves” the feature.

“It makes working on hills and angles so much safer for the operator and rigger,” he said.

“Additionally, the cameras are a great feature to show where everybody is around the crane at once.

“Furthermore, the Australian manufacturer has holistically considered all factors that go into optimising performance on a job site, inclusive of the comfort and productivity an operator feels when inside the cabin.

The AT24 US features a spacious and ergonomic cabin, offering high levels of visibility and reducing operator fatigue.

The intuitive controls and ergonomic seating arrangement further enhance the operator’s experience, ensuring maximum efficiency during extended periods of operation.

Franna has engineered the AT24 US for easy transportation and rapid setup to account for minimum downtime in the logistical aspects of operating the crane.

Its lightweight construction and compact size facilitate easier movement between job sites.

Additionally, the quick setup mechanism ensures minimal delays, allowing operators to commence operations promptly.

The Franna AT24 US recently made its debut at the Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Australian company showcased the features of the new US model to industry professionals and crane enthusiasts.

Taking place in late September, Franna introduced the new crane and its capabilities to an audience featuring key stakeholders from the utility, construction, and infrastructure sectors.

“We are thrilled to participate in The Utility Expo and introduce the Franna AT24 US to the American market,” said Danny Black, General Manager of Franna.

“This trade show provides an excellent platform to showcase the versatility, safety, and operator-centric design of our madefor- America crane.

We are confident that the AT24 US will exceed the expectations of industry professionals and establish Franna as a trusted brand in the United States,” he said.

Franna’s expansion into the US is a strong statement from the Australian designer and manufacturer of its intent to become the global leader in the pick and carry crane market.

To bolster the US expansion, Franna has established a dedicated distribution network across the United States, comprising authorised dealers and service centres strategically placed across the nation.

Similar to the four key servicing and maintenance warehouses located across Australia, Franna’s servicing network will facilitate prompt delivery, efficient and comprehensive post-sale service, and timely availability of genuine Franna parts.

This is emblematic of Franna’s commitment to providing excellent followup service and immediate access to any required parts – a feature the company says sets themselves apart from competitors in the local Australian market.

Franna’s global expansions are not just targeted towards the North American market either, with the company recently announcing the design of the FR17 C crane that will be manufactured overseas.

The FR17 C is set to target the UAE, Africa, and a range of other Asian and Middle East crane markets.

The news of Franna’s global expansion plan comes as the Australian manufacturers also announce their expansion into the rough-terrain crane market with its parent company Terex’s rough terrain series.

Franna was founded in 1978 by Dave Francis and acquired by Terex Corporation in 1999, and its machines can be found in over 30 countries across the globe


AT24 US Pick and Carry Crane Key Features and Benefits

  • 24 ton at 4’7” radius
  • 1.8 ton at 51’10” radius
  • 55’9” maximum hook height
  • 17.6 ton capacity on 4 part hook block
  • Single line pull 4.4 ton
  • Dynamic LMI (Patent Protected)
  • Wide stance boom lift cylinders enhance operator’s vision
  • Easy access to all key maintenance points
  • Modern cabin design ensures maximum comfort for the operator
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