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Franna FR17 C launched to international markets

Crane operators and technicians stand in front of the Franna FR17 C pick and carry crane.

Australian-based designer and manufacturer Franna has launched the Franna FR17 C pick and carry crane to international markets.

The Franna FR17 C is a cost-effective, compact pick and carry crane with Cummins Tier 3 engine suitable for Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America markets, with a European compatible model set to be available in early 2024. With a maximum rated capacity of 17 tonnes, the FR17 C possesses a 5-tonne line pull winch for heavy duty applications along with a 66.5 per cent stability rating in pick and carry applications. The heavy-duty U section fabricated boom with welding on the neutral axis provides durability and a competitive edge while lifting heavy loads.

Increasing productivity and reducing the need for maintenance, the Franna FR17 C holds synchro shuttle transmission with torque converter to provide smooth and efficient power. Driver fatigue is instantly reduced since there is no clutch pedal to operate; this, along with the full-width, two-person cabin provides excellent visibility and driving comfort.

A compact crane with a short turning radius, the FR17 C excels in city, yard, and industrial applications, while also lending itself well to road and metro projects for local hire.

“For over 40 years, Franna has been a name to reckon with in the design and manufacturing of quality pick and carry cranes. Bringing the concept to international markets is an exciting time for us,” said Franna Sales Director Andrew Pritchard. “The FR17 C is the ideal crane to enter new markets globally, as the combination of safety, comfort, and smooth steering flexibility to lift and manoeuvre in tight spaces, along with the more typical pick and carry benefits makes the FR17 C a versatile, dependable crane that will stand out in the market.”

The release of the Franna FR17 C to the international market comes a month after the Australian designer and manufacturer announced the release of the AT24 US model to the North American market.

Synonymous with the crane industry in Australia, the Franna pick and carry style cranes provide much quicker set up times thanks to their lack of need for stabiliser legs or outriggers.

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