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Franna expands into US market with new AT24 US crane.

A Franna Mac25 pick and carry crane gets inspected by a rigger on a mine-site in Perth, Australia.

Renowned Australian Pick and Carry crane manufacturer Franna has announced its expansion into the United States market with the AT24 US crane.

The AT24 US combines its new features of advanced safety mechanisms tailored to the US market’s demands and a 24-tonne lifting capacity with its Australian predecessor’s versatility and reliability.

The expansion marks a significant milestone for the company’s global growth strategy. With its arrival in the US, Franna is seeking to redefine the standards of P&C cranes and become the preferred choice of crane in industries such as construction, oil & gas, mining, and infrastructure development.

Building on its strong reputation in Australia where it owns over 90% of the current P&C crane market-share, the company has chosen the US as the prime location to expand its operations with Sales Director Andrew Pritchard saying the company was “thrilled” to be able to bring the Franna brand to the US market.

“The AT24 US model sets a new standard in safety, combining cutting-edge technology, superior lifting capabilities, and our signature manoeuvrability,” he said. “We are confident that it will not only exceed the expectations of American customers in terms of performance and reliability but also provide a safe working environment for their operators.”

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Incorporating advanced safety technologies to ensure secure lifting operations, the AT24 US model protects both personnel and the surrounding environment. With features such as overload protection, Franna’s own advanced Dynamic LMI, external E-stop, and an ergonomically designed cabin, Franna’s range of cranes are practically and intuitively designed with the intention of allowing operators to focus exclusively on their task without compromising safety.

In tandem with its expansion, Franna has established a dedicated distribution network across the United States, comprising of authorised dealers and service centres strategically placed across the nation.

The news comes as the Australian manufacturers announced its expansion into the rough-terrain crane market with its parent company Terex’s rough terrain series.

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Franna was founded in 1978 by Dave Francis and acquired by Terex Corporation in 1999, and its machines can be found in over 30 countries across the globe.

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