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Fourth Tadano AC 4.080-1 acquired by crane hire company

The Tadano AC 4.080-1 is purchased by Scholpp.

German crane services company, Scholpp, has acquired its fourth Tadano AC 4.080-1 all-terrain crane.

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Receiving the new machine at the Zweibrücken facility, the company took delivery of the fourth 80-tonne mobile crane from Tadano in its fleet over the past year as it looks to expand its general crane hire offerings. Scholpp Branch Manager, Heinz Schuh, praised the versatility of the new machines, saying the cranes offered a range of benefits.

“Not only is the crane extremely compact and manoeuvrable, it also has an impressively large 60m boom length,” said Schuh. “Tadano really has its finger on the pulse of the market and implement their customers’ feedback whenever possible – the AC 4.080-1 is proof.”

According to the manufacturer, the four-axle, 80-tonne all-terrain crane provides “outstanding reach” with best-in-class jobsite accessibility, highlighted by high lifting capacities in steep boom positions. The crane possesses a maximum boom length of 60m and a maximum boom extension of 16m to give it a maximum tip height of 78m as well as a 50m radius.


As a taxi crane, roadability and access are top of the agenda; and, the AC 4.080-1 ticks both of those boxes. The crane falls under the 16.5-tonne axle load when fully equipped with its 17.7-tonne counterweight, with the machine operating under the 12-tonne axle-load limit carrying 9.3 tonnes of counterweight itself. Furthermore, the crane possesses dimensions of 12.15m in length, 2.55m in width, and 3.79m in height. For Scholpp, and one of its other Branch Managers, Stephan Burkhardt, the cost-effectiveness of the machine in tandem with its new technology – such as the IC-1 Plus CCS and e-Pack – made the crane impossible to overlook.

“The benefits here include the highly efficient single-engine design and, of course, the IC‑1 Plus crane control system, which in many cases reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate counterweight trucks,” he said. “The e-Pack enables quiet, zero-emission operation, which makes the crane even more versatile because it can also be used in noise-sensitive areas of production halls and near hospitals.”

Scholpp operates across the southwest of Germany, delivering crane, transportation, and assembly services across the region with its fleet of mobile cranes ranging from 30 tonnes to 700 tonnes in capacity.

The company has been a longstanding customer of Tadano, showcased by its fleet that includes the four AC 4.080-1 cranes, multiple city cranes, an AC. 5.220-1, an AC 6.300-1, an AC 7.450-1, various AC 500 and AC 700 units, three ATF 220s, two ATF 100s, two ATF 70s, and an HK 40.

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