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Fleurieu Cranes’ new 300T Tadano

As part of Fleurieu Cranes’ objective to continually revitalise and renew its fleet, the company recently took delivery of a Tadano AC 6.300-1 all terrain.

Fleurieu Cranes’ Managing Director Brandon Freer provides the background to the Tadano AC 6.300-1 purchase and discusses the relationship with Tadano.

“We’ve been running Demag cranes for many years, after some time in 2011 we decided to purchase a Demag AC 350 350t capacity all-terrain, and it had been a very strong performer for us, over many years and many different industries,” Brandon said.

“We also ran a Demag AC 200 way back then and more recently acquired three Demag AC 220’s. They’ve all been excellent cranes and have served the business and our customer base well. Tadano made significant advances with their product to ensure components are interchangeable across many models, including fly jibs and panel runners, etc. Our operators are able to shift between different capacity cranes with relative ease due to operating systems being comparable,” said Brandon.

“We offer our customers the very latest technology wherever possible, and so we made the decision to sell and replace the AC 350. As I’ve said, we have been really impressed with the performance of the Demag cranes and with the commonality of parts in mind, we decided to replace that crane with the Tadano Demag AC 6.300- 1. This model also really impressed with 80 metres of main boom and a relatively compact design. I was also super impressed with charts which was one of the main reasons we jumped at this model,” he said.

Brandon and his team did explore their options before deciding on the AC 6.300-1.

“We did look at other models from leading brands, but the Tadano AC 6. 300- 1 came out on top for us.  Tadano has an excellent technical team and they are able to provide all the information you need. Their knowledge around road transport and road network compliance also played a significant role in our decision-making process,” said Brandon.

The Tadano AC 6.300-1 all terrain is compact and manoeuvrable with unique applications for productive lifts in tight job sites, with efficient rigging for fast, safe setup. This model offers unique applications, allowing it to adapt to the Australian market for a variety of applications. The smallest Tadano Demag model available with a luffing jib, a compact design and impressive manoeuvrability allows safe, flexible, and productive lifts in the tightest of job sites.

The 80m main boom combined with the strong chart makes the AC 6.300-1 suitable for work at height or long reach. Efficient rigging processes mean fast and safe setup. Furthermore, the HAV along with many other components of the AC 6-300.1 are shared with other Tadano model cranes, reducing the number of spare parts an operator needs to have on hand.

Brandon goes on to discuss the service and support he receives from the team at Tadano.

“When Tadano acquired Demag, many of the really good guys that were with Demag, like Joe Arena, Tadano Oceania’s Product Support Manager, moved across with the purchase. Having those guys still available with their technical knowledge and in a similar role was really good for us. In terms of service, access to parts and access to information, Tadano is excellent and would certainly be one of the leaders in that space, in my opinion,” he said.

Fleurieu Cranes took delivery of the Tadano in August.

“We’ve had the crane since August, and it went straight to work, and it hasn’t stopped since. It’s a bloody great crane,” Brandon said.

“Its first job was changing out air-conditioner components on a multi-story building. 80 metres of main boom makes it very easy and efficient to manage this type of work. It works well on wind farms and in general construction and on road maintenance projects.

“The type of work it is suited to is quite varied and that’s the beauty of this crane, it’s a great all-rounder.bWith the 80 metre boom, quite often you lose capacity at height, but with this crane the charts are really solid, especially when you adapt the SF (strong fly).

“We bought the AC 6.300-1 without the luffing fly because we already have a couple in the fleet with different cranes, so we didn’t think we needed it at the time. Tadano were accommodating with that,” said Brandon.

The operational team at Fleurieu Cranes is impressed with the AC 6-300.1, he added.

“The main operator (Rohan Wassermann) is a great ambassador for Fleurieu Cranes, he grabbed the opportunity to be the main operator straight away. On one of his first jobs, he was sending photos to the Tadano tech who assisted in the commissioning of the crane.The Tadano tech asked to publish the photos on social media, with Tadano branding of course, and the lift went online from there. That’s the type of relationship our operational teams have with Tadano, they know each other and get along really well,” he said.

The relationship between Fleurieu Cranes and Tadano has developed over a long period of time and it’s one that will continue to develop into the future, says Brandon.

“We have been operating Demags for some time and they’ve been great for us as a business. Now with Tadano, we continuously examine different cranes and different models. We are talking to Howard and the Tadano team about the emerging technology, the role of hybrids, battery power versus electric power and what Tadano are working on in terms of making diesel engines more efficient and environmentally friendly.

“I’ve been fortunate to visit the Demag factory in Germany and it is very impressive, and as an organisation Tadano is excellent at what it does. For example, they cold press booms in their factory in Germany which ensures their quality is maintained all of the time. Tadano is very efficient and a professional manufacturer,” said Brandon.

Fleurieu Cranes is focused on making a contribution to a sustainable future by reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible.

“We offset all our fuel-burn carbon emissions which is something we have chosen to do ourselves. It is really important to us to be a leader in that space.

“About 12 months ago we made the decision to partner with Trees for Life, we offset 100 per cent of fuel burn from our cranes, transport vehicles and other vehicles through donating the equivalent amount of money to Trees for Life to enable them to plant trees across the country which offsets our emissions,” said Brandon.

“We are speaking to Tadano and other crane manufacturers and asking them what are they doing in terms of electrifying machines and what is the best way forward? I’ve seen what Tadano and other manufacturers are doing in terms of having electric superstructures, and how they are examining hydrogen as a fuel source. I know all the manufacturers are working very hard on these concepts and Tadano is no exception.

“We continually examine new technology and looking at ways we can be more efficient as an organisation – this doesn’t have to just be offsetting emissions – we should first be looking to eliminate emissions. For example, if we can get a crane to site without the need for a truck or trailer carrying counterweights, that builds efficiency. The Tadano Demag AC 6.300-1 has split wing weights which is a really simple but effective technological advancement.bIf you don’t need the full wing weights, why carry it on a truck and burn fuel?

“Tadano is a valued and innovative partner for Fleurieu Cranes. We will continue to examine new technologies as they evolve and emerge ensuring our fleet is ‘state of the art’ and offers our customers the best possible solutions. Tadano will continue to play an important role in the development of our fleet,” said Brandon.


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