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First Tadano truck crane hits American shores

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Sims Crane & Equipment Co. has purchased and taken stock of the first Tadano GT800XL-2 truck crane in the USA.

Already possessing a large fleet of Tadano’s all-terrain cranes, the company made the move to acquire the first ever crane of its kind on US shores, citing the crane’s specification as a “space we have been needing to update in our fleet”.

The company, based in Florida, announced the news after Tadano unveiled two new truck crane models – the GT1200XL-2 and the model in question – at ConExpo earlier this year.

“We have been hoping for many years now to see Tadano enter back into the US truck crane market and have been loaded with anticipation from the day they announced the GT-800XL-2 and the GT-1200XL-2,” said Sims’ Vice President Jackson Sims.

“Sims looks forward to adding many more units in this class to our Florida and Georgia markets over the coming years and are honoured to be the first in the US to do so with the GT-800XL-2 which we will put into action at our Tampa location.”

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Tadano’s GT-800XL-2 truck crane holds a maximum lifting capacity of 72.6 metric tonnes, with its maximum load moment coming at 2.4 metres off the ground. Its main boom possesses five sections and can reach out to a length of 47 metres with a 17.9-metre boom extension available should it be required and can operate at a maximum radius of 49 metres.

The crane is powered by a Cummins X12 engine and features a comfortable, roadable driving style thanks to its front-and-rear air suspension. With low axle weights, a narrow frame, relatively long boom, and easy permit access for transport, Tadano’s truck cranes are most suited for taxi-crane services.

“We are thrilled that the first of Tadano’s new truck cranes for the United States and Canada markets will go to Sims,” said Tadano America Regional Business Manager Todd Elkins. “The GT-800XL-2 is an outstanding machine, and it will be the perfect taxi crane for Sims’ customer base across Florida and Georgia.”

Founded in 1959, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. has operated in the crane and rigging service industry in Florida for more than 60 years.

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